UFO Reportedly Stalking Boy ‘For Weeks’ Captured On Film By Both Child And Neighbor [Video]

Seeing a UFO is one thing, but being stalked by a mysterious flying object you can’t identify? Terrifying.

Particularly if you’re a child being followed around by a stalking UFO that it seems only you can see, as every time you try to point it out to your parents it vanishes from sight, leaving you not just scared but also isolated and alienated.

But that is reportedly what happened to a child in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, with the young UFO stalking victim finally capturing the lurking UFO on video, and an adult neighbor corroborating the UFO with a snapshot from across the street, reports the Mirror.

The 9-year-old boy told his parents that the UFO had been following him day-in, day-out, for several weeks. But the parents, never having seen the UFO stalking their child first-hand, didn’t at first believe their son.

But then their son got a hold of one of their cellphones and turned the tables on the stalking UFO, filming the craft with the phone’s video camera as it flew over head, the UFO seeming to shift its shape and strangely hovering until inexplicably melting away into the sky.

The boy’s parents were startled to see the footage that seemed to prove their boy wasn’t making his UFO story up and sent the bizarre footage to some UFO “experts” that go by the YouTube name, Secureteam10.

The UFO YouTube video, posted yesterday by Secureteam10 along with some additional info is claimed to have been shot August 22 and has had almost 16,000 views.

“Additional Info: Video was recorded in a suburb of Atlanta GA at around 3pm on 8/22/2015. Parents of the child contacted local police after this footage was captured, who’ve been unable to locate anything thus far. Anyone who’s also seen this please message us here or email us at TheSecureTeam@gmail.com”

In some commentary that follows the UFO footage, the UFO experts from Secureteam10 conclude that the boy’s UFO stalker is possible proof that there is some other worldly entity stalking children while managing to avoid being seen by the parents of the children, all in an effort to abduct the young earthlings.

“It was almost as if this craft made itself invisible to the parents and only visible to the child, who was needless to say very frightened by this thing. This further corroborates other stories where these UFOs follow children, presumably to abduct them. This craft was luckily caught on video by the child who had run in to get the parents phone, ran back out, started recording the craft in mid flight. You can see the craft shape shifts, it changes direction it stops before finally dematerialising into thin air.”

The commentary also reveals that a neighbor across the street from the boy allegedly caught a still shot of the UFO, the stalker UFO occupants, apparently having their defenses up against being detected by a Mom or Dad, but not some interloping neighbor.

Child stalking UFO

This snapshot of a UFO was allegedly captured by the neighbor of a boy who was filming the UFO at the same time. According to the boy, the UFO had been stalking him for weeks.

Since the video and photo of the UFO were taken, the child stalking craft has not been seen again. The commentator in the UFO video thankful for this fact, and concluding, “That is one good thing to come out of this story.”

[Images and video via Secureteam10, YouTube]

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