Cowboys Announce Fantasy Sports Suite For AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to give their fans a once in a lifetime fantasy football experience. Partnered up with the fantasy sports site DraftKings, the Cowboys announced that they will have a fantasy sports suite inside AT&T Stadium.

“Jerry-world” will indeed become a better place.

The Dallas Morning News initially announced a long-term partnership between the Cowboys and DraftKings earlier Wednesday morning.

Both parties agreed to a deal that will run, for now, until 2020. It is a co-branding arrangement that will include a DraftKings-themed suite, with advertising for the fantasy sports company throughout AT&T Stadium.

Advertising opportunities for DraftKings includes signage, digital, radio, and television exposure. The deal will allow DraftKings to have ticket giveaways, creating a total fan-friendly experience.

DraftKings’ arrangement is not mutually exclusive with the Dallas Cowboys. The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will also have suites sponsored by DraftKings opening up at the start of the NFL season.
It is a rare thing to see a company like DraftKings to partner with sports teams for the sake of exposure.

For DraftKings to financially be in the position to broker deals with the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Patriots is a testimony to how big single week fantasy football and single day fantasy sports are. Teaming with the Dallas Cowboys is huge for the team brand and for football in general.

“DraftKings and the Cowboys share the same passion for football, sports and business, making this a natural partnership. The daily segment of fantasy sports is exploding, with more fans joining every day. DraftKings has established itself as the pre-eminent service in daily fantasy sports. Their commitment to providing its customers with the best experience possible is unrivaled, which should be a tremendous benefit to our fans as they experience all DraftKings has to offer at the new fantasy lounge.”

Jones understands how fantasy football is one of the top reasons why fans watch football in the first place. To blend in the two worlds is a win-win for everyone.

In other news related to the Dallas Cowboys, the season-ending ACL injury to cornerback Orlando Scandrick may not be as big of a death blow to the team as we feared.

Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett, according to USA Today, believes that there is enough depth in the secondary for them to get by.

“With this position, we’re less likely to go outside and look for Orlando Scandrick’s replacement. We feel good about the guys we have on the team right now.”

It is clear that the Cowboys are going to look internally to fix the hole they now have defensively. Losing Orlando Scandrick is a big loss for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport)