Today Is National Dog Day — Treat Your Companion With A Day Of Fun!

Today is National Dog Day! This holiday was founded and created by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige in 2004. National Dog Day was created to make the public aware of how many dogs need to be rescued and adopted every year. Its purpose is also to recognize and give recognition to family dogs and also the service and police dogs that work tirelessly to save lives every day while putting their own lives on the line.

National Dog Day is against any kind of breed ban. They don’t believe that any dogs should be killed or put to sleep because of the mean or cruel way a certain breed has been treated or trained to act by heartless people.

National Dog Day understands that some people want purebred dogs. They recommend looking into purebred rescue dog websites before buying from a pet store or a local breeder or even trying adoption.

According to the National Dog Day website, “”Millions of dogs are killed each year because they’re simply unwanted, says Colleen Paige, founder of National Dog Day. They’re unwanted because no one realized how to properly care for the demands of the breed. They’re unwanted because they were bought as a Christmas gift for a child that didn’t keep their promises about caring for the dog…unwanted because they shed too much… unwanted because they bark too much. UNWANTED…simply because someone changed their mind. All a dog wants to do is love and protect you. That’s all. Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive and sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect. Please consider bringing what was once considered “unwanted love”, into your heart and home on National Dog Day!”

One of the main goals of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year. Another important goal for them is to encourage people to be dog owners of all types of breeds and to be able to ensure that all dogs live a happy, healthy, and safe/abuse-free life.

Dogs have played a huge role in some of the most famous TV and movies. How many of these TV and movie dogs do you remember? Lassie, Toto, Snoopy, Rin Tin Tin, Petey, the dog from the Little Rascals, Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Brian from Family Guy, Beethoven, Otis from The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Shadow and Chance from Homeward Bound, Buddy from Air Bud, Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven, Lady and the Tramp, Hooch from the movie Turner and Hooch, Benji, Gidget the Taco Bell dog, and Uggle from The Artist.

Here are some ways you can celebrate with your dog today.

-Visit a shelter and either adopt a dog or volunteer to walk or play with a dog.

-Have a “Dog Day” party and invite your friends and neighbors and their furry companions.

-Offer to care for or walk a dog for a sick or elderly person.

-Buy your dog a new toy today to celebrate “Dog Day.”

-Give your dog a pedicure. Bathe, brush, and cut your dog’s toenails before enjoying a nice walk. Every dog loves to be brushed, and they feel great when strutting their stuff down the sidewalk.

-Teach your dog a new trick. Dogs love to learn tricks. It makes them feel proud when they can accomplish what you have tried to teach them, plus they get rewarded with a treat.

-Do a photo shoot with your dog or hire a professional photographer to take photos. Enlarge the photo and hang it in your home. It’ll be a photo you’ll always treasure as you remember the joy your dog gave you.

-Take your dog swimming or to the beach and go swimming. Dogs love this. Get a toy your dog can fetch (if he likes to do that) in the pool or lake. Be sure to use life jacket — you want your pet to be safe.

-Take your dog with you in a boat, or a kayak. Dogs love to go for a ride and they love to be included in the fun.

-Take your dog for a ride in the car or truck. Let the pooch look out the window and enjoy the breeze. Be sure to hang on, and don’t let your dog lean out too far.

-Take your dog to a park. Play frisbee or just go for a run. Dogs love to run and play with their owners.

-Get a dog cart and go for a ride behind your bicycle. It gives them a chance to lounge, but yet, look around the enjoy being outside with you.

-Make your dog some clothes or pajamas. Dogs love to be pampered, just like people do.

-Give your dog a new treat. They get tired of the same treats every day and their always excited about trying something new.

It really doesn’t matter to a dog what you do with them today. What matters is that you spend time with your furry companion. Treat your dog like family by hugging, kissing, petting, talking or just spending quality time with your friend. The reward for this is that he will be completely loyal to you for as long as he or she lives and your dog will make sure you’re safe and happy.

Dogs give us their very best. Let’s do the same for them today for National Dog Day and everyday.

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