Bill Clinton Said President Obama Is Incompetent

Edward Klein, a former New York Times journalist and author of a new unauthorized biography of President Obama, says in his book that Former President Bill Clinton said that President Obama was “incompetent”. Klein also wrote that Bill urged his wife Hillary to challenge President Obama in the Democratic primary.

Bill Clinton said that Klein is a liar and has recently been singing Obama’s praises for bringing the United States out of a recession.

Klein has been an editor at the New York Times and at Newsweek before writing “The Amateur” a biography of President Obama. In the book he says Clinton told him that Obama was an amateur who did not know how to be President. Klein says that Clinton, last August, urged his wife Hillary to run against Obama as the Democratic party’s nominee. His reasoning was because “the economy’s a mess, it’s dead flat. America has lost its Triple-A rating.” He told his wife, “You know better than Obama does. The country needs you! The country needs us!”

Hillary reportedly responded,

“Why risk everything?”I want my term (as Secretary of State) to be an important one, and running away from it now would leave it as a footnote.”

She added that the door was still open for her to run n 2016.

Bill Clinton reportedly said that he was more concerned with his own age than Hillary’s.

Bill said to her,

“I know you’re young enough! That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried that I’m not young enough,”

Klein wrote that Hillary countered by saying,

“I’m the highest-ranking member in Obama’s Cabinet. I eat breakfast with the guy every Thursday morning. What about loyalty, Bill? What about loyalty?”

Bill Clinton’s spokesman labeled Klein a “known liar,”.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said,

“Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one, especially since both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton have been loyal and supportive of the president at every turn.”

Klein insisted his book is “factually sound.”

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