Bobby Brown’s Hollywood Bowl Performance Marks First Since Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death

Bobby Brown’s Hollywood Bowl performance on Sunday surprised many. It was the first time since the death of daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown that he has attempted to come out of mourning.

The circumstances behind Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death are still mysterious, though it has been implied in a lawsuit that boyfriend Nick Gordon may have been responsible. She had been found comatose in the bathtub early this year and spent six months brain-dead before the family agreed to remove her from life support and let her die. In the process of her illness, she had lost all muscle tone and her hair was falling out.

It is still unknown what had caused this to happen to Bobbi Kristina, who died wasting away in hospice, according to People Magazine.

Previous to this, Whitney Houston’s death had led to her ex-husband and daughter not speaking to each other. Bobby and Bobbi allegedly had a love/hate relationship until Bobbi Kristina took her mother’s place in the grim spotlight, according to Northern Voices Online. After she had fallen ill, Bobby Brown had rarely left her side.

Bobbi Kristina Brown died shortly after her father had another daughter with his new wife, Alicia Etheridge.

The “Don’t Be Cruel” singer, now 46, has gone through a lot with his family, even having been allegedly known to hit Whitney Houston when they had their own reality TV series before their divorce. A lot has changed over the years, and Bobby Brown is a changed man.

When Bobby Brown arrived at the Hollywood Bowl to perform, fans were surprised and cheered him on. He had been staying out of the spotlight to mourn his family, but it appears he’s getting back out and attempting to put his life back together.

Nobody expected Bobby Brown to show up at the Hollywood Bowl, and when he appeared for a duet with Macy Gray to sing “One Love,” it was an event to remember. The singer thanked his fans for their prayers and support in the troubled time following his daughter’s death.

In a recent statement, Bobby revealed that he feels “comforted” that Whitney and Bobbi Kristina have been reunited. The two were even buried beside each other.

Bobby Brown could still have a healthy career ahead of him, with some singers such as Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, and Lemmy Kilmister still taking the stage. Blues legend B.B. King performed his music until the day he died, when it was reported he had collapsed from dehydration.

Could Bobby Brown’s Hollywood Bowl performance be the start of the rhythm and blues veteran’s comeback?

[Image via Mark Mainz / Getty Images]