Donald Trump: Support Continues To Rise Despite Controversy

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was laughed off as a joke when he announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race. Those who didn’t take Trump seriously are likely very surprised by the fact that he is leading the Republican candidates in the polls, despite his controversial opinions and remarks.

The International Business Times reports that early on in the campaign, polls were showing high unfavorable numbers for the reality TV star and real estate magnate. According to the report, this likely means that many people disliked Trump based on his previous career. However, two polls released earlier this week show Trump’s favorable numbers rising.

In South Carolina, Donald Trump is showing a 58 percent favorable rate, and only 28 percent unfavorable. Likewise, in New Hampshire, 56 percent of those polled favored Trump, while 32 percent found him unfavorable. The South Carolina poll was conducted by Patrick Murray of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, who was a bit surprised by the results.

“It’s a phenomenon we have never really seen before — an already extremely well-known figure who can completely flip his favorability ratings in the span of weeks [without the intervention of a national emergency or similar event]. But of course, that rule has applied to our experience with typical politicians. Trump is completely outside the box.”

Why is Donald Trump still so popular after all the controversy tied to his race? Perhaps Americans like the fact that he is not a career politician, and he lacks the fundamental dishonesty associated with politicians in general. Certainly “The Donald” has been up front regarding his views on highly controversial issues, and he has refused to back down from his opinion even when those views cause outcries of rage. Some examples include his spat with Megyn Kelly of Fox 2 News and Trump’s statements regarding illegal immigrants.

Perhaps, as a society, we are tired of the politically correct way of life that causes us to walk on eggshells lest we inadvertently offend someone. Donald Trump definitely cannot be grouped with the politically correct crowd.

Whatever the reasons, as assuredly there are many, Trump has created quite a favorable opinion in the few months he’s been fighting for the spot as Republican presidential nominee.

According to the Washington Times, the high poll results for Trump in South Carolina were especially surprising.

“We’ve become accustomed to Donald Trump leading in every poll, as the candidate himself likes to remind us. It’s interesting that Ben Carson, whose parents come from neighboring Georgia, is outpolling the state’s own senator as a second choice.”

Do you think Donald Trump is likely to win the GOP presidential nomination?

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