Planned Parenthood Videos: David Daleiden Has Even More Disturbing Footage To Release

The disturbing Planned Parenthood videos will keep coming if what David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, said is true.

Thus far, the Planned Parenthood videos have sparked a storm of controversy in the midst of the 2016 Presidential campaign. The graphic, explicit clips show some of the organization’s top executives talking about illegally selling aborted baby’s body parts.

In a piece on Politico, the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos, David Daleiden, says that he has four or five more clips, “give or take,” to release. Despite denials that the videos are staged, the women’s healthcare organization has not been able to stop him from making them public, and they are now front-and-center in the abortion issue.

According to the Politico piece, Daleiden had a plan which he had worked on for three-years. Using the 24/7 news cycle, the Center for Medical Progress founder is doing exactly what he had envisioned to uncover what Planned Parenthood allegedly does behind the scenes.

The organization is the current subject of a congressional probe as pro-life conservatives, including several Presidential candidates, are vowing to defund Planned Parenthood after the disturbing videos. The undercover footage seems to show executives trying to illegally profit from the sale of tissue from aborted babies.

Congress’ deadline to pass a spending bill is September 30, and despite Planned Parenthood’s loud complaints that the videos are distorted, many are calling for stopping federal funding of the organization. Daleiden explained his reasoning behind the release of the videos.

“For a topic this complex and multi-layered, it’s important that each piece of evidence have a chance to be examined individually and so the current presentation format is geared towards that.”

There is no question the Planned Parenthood videos are shocking and extremely disturbing. Those depicted are seen by pro-life supporters and even abortion supporters as inhuman and coldly calculating.

However, Eric Ferrero, vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, accused Daleiden of having an agenda.

“This is not how you act when you think you’ve caught someone doing something wrong. This is how you act when you have a political agenda and need to invent a reason to attack something the majority of Americans support — in this case, women’s health care.”

The latest Planned Parenthood video shows California tissue procurement company StemExpress’s CEO, Cate Dyer, casually discussing the sale of intact late-term aborted fetuses. Some conservative have compared her action to that of infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who experimented on Jewish prisoners.

“CMP’s and Daleiden’s continued lies reflect a sad attempt to malign StemExpress and me personally,” Dyer said in a statement. However, the new Planned Parenthood video has garnered outrage on social media, despite the latest polls indicating the majority wants to keep up funding for the organization, which provides important services to women.

Do you think the Planned Parenthood videos will result in the defunding of the organization?

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