TV News Crew Killed – Two Journalists Killed During Live Broadcast In Virginia

Virginia Shooting Update – The alleged shooter of the two journalists on live television and Vicki Gardner has been identified as Vester Lee Flanagan by Fox News. The 41-year-old man is allegedly posting on social media while being pursued by the police. Flanagan allegedly filmed the shooting and may possibly be posting his video or images on social media. Flanagan is also allegedly known as Bryce Williams, according to KSLA News. The Twitter account where the video of the shooting of the two journalists was allegedly being posted has now been suspended. Flanagan was on the air at WDBJ for approximately one year and went by the name of Bryce Williams in front of the camera.

The social media comments attributed to Bryce Williams claim that Adam Ward reported him to the WDBJ human resources department after the men worked together one time and allegations that Alison Parker “made racist comments.”

The man who shot two journalists on live television has been identified by Roanoke area police. The name of the WDBJ gunman has not yet been released to the public, but Fox News is reporting that the alleged killer is a “disgruntled former employee” of the news station. Today was supposed to be the last day on the job for Alison Parker. Police officers are reportedly actively pursuing the gunman who allegedly killed the two WDBJ journalists along Interstate 64.

WBDJ Shooting Update – The third victim in the Virginia shooting has been identified as Vicki Gardner, the woman in a white suit that Alison Parker was interviewing. The Bridgewater Plaza staffer was reportedly shot in the back and was transferred to an area hospital for treatment. Her current medical condition has not been shared with the public. Chris Hurst, a news anchor at WBDJ, has posted multiple tweets stating her and Parker were a couple for the past nine months, had recently moved in together, and had planned on getting married.

TV News Crew Killed – Virginia Shooting Of WDBJ Journalists Update: The gunman is believed to have fired eight shots at the two WBDJ journalists and a third unidentified person. Breaking News reports stating that Alison Parker and Adam Ward were engaged may be incorrect. The two Virginia journalists may have been engaged, but not to each other. Tweets which claim to show a screengrab from the live broadcast shooting video offer a grainy image of the alleged gunman. Moneta, Virginia is approximately 45 miles from Roanoke.

Two journalists were killed during a live broadcast in Virginia. Roanoke area police are searching for the shooter in the Bridgewater Plaza area, where the reporter and cameraman were doing an interview in Moneta, Virginia. The two WDBJ journalists have been identified as Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

A video recorded at the scene of the Moneta, Virginia, shooting reportedly shows the gunman opening fire on Alison Parker first, followed by shots fired at cameraman Adam Ward. Both of the journalists killed while on a location interview were in their 20s, according to Fox News.

Virginia police said there are three victims at the Bridgewater Plaza shooting, according to WSLS. The shooting of the two journalists killed, and a third unidentified victim, occurred at 6:45 a.m., Franklin County Sheriff Department spokesperson Phillip Young told the media.

A motive in the Bridgewater Plaza shooting remains unknown. Breaking news reports indicate that Alison Parker and Adam Ward were engaged.

Moneta police officials are expected to release a description of the gunman shortly.

Check back with the Inquisitr for more details about the WDBJ Virgina shooting breaking news story as additional details become available.

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