WWE News: John Cena Likely Regaining U.S. Title At ‘Night Of Champions’

If you were hoping for the new United States champion Seth Rollins to have a long run with the U.S. title… well, in the words of Bad News Barrett, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news! As it’s looking like Rollins will drop the title back to John Cena at next month’s Night of Champions show.

As of right now, Vince McMahon hasn’t made up his mind on if Rollins will be doing double-duty at Night of Champions, but if WWE is planning on honoring the name of the show, and if Rollins is still the U.S. champ going into the event, then he’ll have to wrestle twice. But, one thing is for sure, or, at least as of right now it’s for sure, and that’s that WWE is planning on having Rollins drop the U.S. title to Cena before the October 3 WWE Network special at Madison Square Garden, as John Cena is being advertised as the United States champion for that show.

Of course, the advertisement may have been put up on Madison Square Garden’s website before John Cena lost the United States title this past Sunday, and, furthermore, if WWE is, at this moment, planning on having Rollins drop the title back to Cena, those plans could be changed in the next month before the MSG show. But, WWE isn’t planning on having Rollins keep the title for a significant amount of time, and if he’s going to lose it, it makes sense for him to lose it John Cena due to how their SummerSlam match ended.

So, you may be asking yourself, why did WWE have Rollins win the U.S. title if they were planning on having him drop it back to the guy he won it from in just one month? Well, the answer is pretty simple; they were hoping that Jon Stewart hitting John Cena with a chair, which caused Cena to lose, would get a lot of mainstream coverage, and it certainly did, so their plan worked. Other than that, there wasn’t any reason why Cena lost the title, hence why WWE is planning on having him win it back so soon.

WWE also wanted to get some more mainstream coverage by having John Cena give Jon Stewart an Attitude Adjustment the next night on RAW, and, well, once again, their plan worked. But now, WWE is left with Seth Rollins holding a title that they didn’t really want to put on him in the first place, which he’ll lose either before, or at Night of Champions.

[Image via WWE]