Noel Biderman’s Address Posted Online, Along With His Movie Script From Ashley Madison Hacking – Plus, Biderman Accused Of Hiring Escort

The gloves have come off in the Ashley Madison fight, with some users going so far as to post the address of Avid Life Media’s CEO Noel Biderman online, along with the address of his parents. This article will not link to that forum posting, nor will it give the details of the post that urged others to get even against Biderman for breaching their trust in the Ashley Madison hacking. Others have warned against posting such threats online.

Update: The leak of Biderman’s email account alleges contact with an escort named “Mila M.”

Meanwhile, the contents of Noel’s email inbox are being examined after being released in the Ashley Madison hacking. Those results reveal that the CEO may have suggested hacking a competing dating site back in 2012 in order to steal their email addresses. The Ashley Madison leak of Biderman’s emails, as reported by BBC News‎, contain approximately 200,000 emails belonging to Noel.

What’s more intriguing, perhaps, is the movie script penned by Biderman, as reported by Motherboard. Titled In Bed With Ashley Madison, the script is listed as being written by Biderman and a man named Marc Morgenstern. Sharing the same last name as the original founder of Ashley Madison – Darren Morgenstern – Marc has an IMDB profile that shows it’s not the first time Marc has written a script.

“Marc’s wide range of experience comes from several different disciplines in the film and television industry. Marc’s first film ‘The Vampire Conspiracy’ premiered in 2005 and has gone on to gain worldwide distribution.”

“In 2005 Marc was instrumental in developing and directing the TV series HouseCapades, starring Mike Bullard and saw it run a full four seasons. Since then he’s been involved in several different award winning projects including a series of PSA devoted to teaching kids about the dangers of smoking, allergies and hand washing, As well as the multi-award winning commercial ‘Poker Face’ which brought home a coveted Mobius award as well as was a finalist in the 2010 Cannes Lions Awards for Creativity. Not only has Marc achieved success as a director, but as a writer as well, were three of his films are currently optioned to become feature films with him holding the helm as director.”

The script is being panned for being heavy on self-promotion of Ashley Madison. The movie is claimed to be inspired by real events as the young and pretty main character named Sam deals with trying to get her husband to pay her any attention. Because she runs an advertising agency and her love life is in turmoil, Sam is the perfect person to take the Ashley Madison website worth “billions in billings” to its next level.

Excerpts from Noel’s script found on Motherboard prove to be entertaining, with quirky dialogue and weird names.

[Image via Ashley Madison]