Cecil The Lion Killer Dentist Costume: Walter Palmer Costume Out, Complete With Blood Spatter And Dental Tools

A costume created after Cecil the lion was poached by an American dentist is stopping people in their tracks. The Lion Killer Dentist Halloween costume is being offered through a costume company after getting numerous requests for the idea. It’s symbolic of Minnesota dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, and his illegal hunt of the beloved lion in late July. Palmer paid $55,000 to hunt and kill Cecil in Zimbabwe. The animal was collared and living in a wildlife sanctuary.

The costume includes a severed lion’s head, a smock, and gloves in fake blood spatter. Multiple dental tools also come with the costume for the front pocket.

Costumeish CEO, Johnathon Weeks, tells TMZ that the sale of the costume was launched Tuesday at midnight… and they haven’t sold one of them yet.

The Lion Dentist Halloween costume is for sale at Costumeish for $59.99.

Weeks shares that they came up with the Cecil the lion killer dentist costume because so many people wanted one made.

Costumeish says that 15-percent of all proceeds will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation, “Justice for Cecil.”

Ever since Walter Palmer killed Cecil, he’s been the target of public outrage. He had to close down his practice and go into hiding. As one Inquisitr article recently published, Palmer was seen not long ago. His practice, River Bluff Dental, in Bloomington, Minnesota, is said to be reopened. The dentist himself isn’t on site, but his staff is still working there and they have a gag order to not discuss anything with the media.

The story made headlines fast and furiously when the poached lion was discovered beheaded and skinned. Authorities were able to seize the “trophy” items and use it in their investigation. You know it’s an epic horror when something called the Lion Killer Dentist Halloween costume is created for the masses.

Palmer denies any wrongdoing in his hunt of Cecil. He claimed that he wasn’t aware that the lion he killed was a protected animal being tracked. He said that “everything about [the] trip was legal and properly handled.” The amount of money he paid hunting guides in an effort to lure the animal out of the park appears to tell a different story.

The lion killer dentist has been under intense scrutiny every since he poached the animal. It was discovered that in 2008, he illegally shot and killed a Black Bear in Wisconsin. He allegedly offered witnesses $20,000 to lie about where he shot the animal.

So far, the Lion Killer Dentist Halloween costume isn’t a hit, but it’s still early. October 31 is a ways off.

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