Ashley Madison Alabama List Gets More Than 100,000 Searches

Paula Mooney - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 4:27 a.m. ET

According to Google’s Hot Trends list, the search term “Ashley Madison Alabama List” received more than 100,000 searches on Monday, August 24. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Alabama has been named as the most popular state for Ashley Madison users, or the recently revealed big mayor name on the Ashley Madison list, as reported by the Decatur Daily.

However, the Hartselle mayor listed as an Ashley Madison user doesn’t know how his name appeared on the list of Alabama residents who were outed as Ashley Madison users.

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Plus, downloading Alabama’s Ashley Madison list could be dangerous, reports Curiosity in trying to figure out the names on the list of Alabama folks could lead to downloading malware or viruses on users’ computers. Not only that, experts are warning that downloading hacked data such as the list of Alabamians who were Ashley Madison users means having stolen property in one’s possession. With so many folks downloading the data around the world, however, it is unlikely that so many thousands of folks would face any type of punishment eventually.

But Alabama stands out in the Ashley Madison hacking because after the Ashley Madison leak revealed Alabama as the most unfaithful state in the U.S., as reported by WKRG‎, naturally folks would be curious to see what names would appear on such a long list.

Plenty of Ashley Madison search engines have appeared in the wake of the hacking, which have made it easier for everyday folks to search the database for names, addresses, emails, employers, and more information uncovered in the hacking. Those search engines are being taken down just as soon as they have appeared – at least the ones that don’t offer a verification process that only reveals a person’s presence on the Ashley Madison hacked list – in Alabama or elsewhere – if they have access to the email address they are checking.

Those that offer that level of privacy in checking email addresses seem to be the ones remaining online. Others are being reported as quickly as they are launched in order for Ashley Madison names on leaked lists to try and remain private as long as possible.

Meanwhile, this still hasn’t stopped a huge list of Ashley Madison users from Alabama from being published online. Those lists of Alabama Ashley Madison users will not be linked within this article. As of this writing, the lists of Alabama users contained names, addresses, and more information exposed by the hackers.

[Image via Ashley Madison]


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