Brooklyn Teen Hassan Razzaq Returns Home After Family Posts $1 Million Bond

One month after stabbing his father to death with a kitchen knife, Brooklyn teen Hassan Razzaq returned home on Monday afternoon, when his family posted a $1 million bond, according to the New York Daily News.

Razzaq, 19, was arrested in late-July after fatally stabbing his father, 56-year-old Mohammad Razzaq, in the neck upon finding out that one of his sisters had been allegedly sexually abused. Per the initial report from the Daily News, Razzaq and the rest of his family endured several years of emotional and physical abuse from the father, which is what prompted the fatal reaction.

Razzaq’s lawyer, Michael Cibella, issued a statement regarding the situation.

“My client and his family have been terrorized by the father since they came to this country in 2003 and previously while they were living in Pakistan.”

Details of what the Razzaq family endured were discussed by their neighbors, who talked about some of the disturbing things they heard come out of the Razzaq home in the Kensington part of Brooklyn. In the original report, a neighbor who only identified himself as Robert discussed how abusive the father was towards Hassan, his four siblings, and his mother.

“The father was very abusive. He was beating that kid all day. I feel terrible for that boy. He was pushed. He was definitely pushed. “There’s always abuses. There’s always cops there. The kid’s a good kid. He was getting beat every night, beat every night.”

Police sources told the Daily News that during questioning, Hassan told the police that both he and his sisters were fed up with the abuse from his father. Years prior to the incident, he had left the family house, allegedly tired of the way he was treated.

But he eventually returned.

Upon his arrest, several pages and accounts were set up in support of Razzaq. Among the support was a petition, which, according to the Daily News, received over a thousand signatures. In addition, a page was set up to assist Hassan and his family during their difficult time. The page has currently raised $985 via 19 donors.

As a part of his release from Rikers Island, Razzaq will be required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. However, that does not mean he will be confined to his house. The Daily News says that he will be able to attend school, as well as meet with psychologists and his lawyer.

[Image by Paul Lomax/ New York Daily News]

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