Safari Guide Killed: Cecil The Lion’s Park In Zimbabwe Suffers Death Of Quinn Swales

Quinn Swales is the name of the safari guide killed in Cecil the Lion’s park in Zimbabwe. It is said Swales was leading a safari in Hwange National Park when a lion charged and mauled the man to death.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some big game hunters are arguing that trophy hunting helps conservation efforts. Cecil the Lion’s killer, dentist Walter Palmer, says he is cooperating with the investigation and he recently reopened his dental practice. But some reports claim Palmer tried to bribe safari guides after illegally killing a bear.

Camp Hwange said the lion had the safari guide killed while Quinn Swales was trying to protect the safari guests.

“It is with deep regret and great sadness that we are able to confirm the death of Quinn Swales, a Camp Hwange professional guide, who was fatally mauled by a male lion whilst out on a walking safari this morning,” they said on their Facebook page. “We can confirm that Quinn did everything he could to successfully protect his guests and ensure their safety, and that no guests were injured in the incident.”

It is said Swales was leading six clients when they came upon a lion pride. The male lion rose and began to stalk them. The safari guide quickly instructed the guests to move behind him, and they all began shouting at the male lion in order to intimidate it. When the male lion stopped to watch them, Swales set off a “bear banger” in order to scare the lion off, but instead it suddenly turned and charged the group.

Quinn Swales was unable to fire his rifle due to the speed of the attack, but he threw himself in harm’s way in order to protect the other six people. The lion proceeded to throw the safari guide to the ground and bit his shoulder and neck. The other guests tried to prevent the lion from having the safari guide killed, but although they were able to drive the male lion away, they were unsuccessful in saving Swales with emergency first aid.

Quinn Swales
Quinn Swales [Image via Facebook]
David Carson, General Manager of Camp Hwange, paid tribute to Quinn Swales in the announcement.

“Only praise and admiration can be given to Quinn in the professional way he unflinchingly faced the charging lion, thus ensuring that he protected the clients all of whom were unharmed in any way,” Carson said. “He paid the ultimate price in pursuit of a job he loved, in an area he knew so well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, colleagues and friends at this sad time. It would be appreciated if the family be given the privacy to mourn the loss of a fine man.”

According to Quinn Swales’ Facebook page, the safari guide was from Trelawney in northern Zimbabwe. The last photo he posted for his death was of Cecil the Lion.

[Image via Facebook]

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