Lack of Babies Could Lead to Japanese Extinction

Japanese researchers have targeted a major problem for the Island nation. There is a real lack of Japanese babies. Researchers have found that if current birthrates continue, the last Japanese baby will be born in 3011 and the Japanese people will cease to exist in a generation or two.

Academics calculate that Japan is losing one person every 100 seconds.

Another study recently showed Japan’s population is expected to fall a third from its current 127.7 million over the next century. Government statistics show that Japan has a birthrate of 1.35 which is way below the replacement rate.

The government has also created a population clock so that the people can see the extent of the problem and join in a public debate.

Professor Hiroshi Yoshida, who led the research team, told the Japan Times newspaper,

“By indicating it in figures, I want people to think about the problem of the falling birthrate with a sense of urgency,”

There are many researchers in Japan trying to pinpoint the reason for such a rapid decline in birthrate. Some researchers suggest that the exceptionally high cost of living in Japan can wipe out a couple financially just to have a child and put them through college.

Another disturbing statistic for Japanese people is, The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research study also showed one in four unmarried men and women in their 30s had never had sex, and most young women preferred being single.It also showed over 60 percent of unmarried young men didn’t have a girlfriend, and nearly 50 percent of women of the same age weren’t dating.

The problem seems to be getting worse as the younger population is surveyed. The Japan Family Planning Association found that 36 percent of males between 16 and 19 had “no interest” in sex.

Due to overcrowding of Japan’s population centers, when confronted with the birthrate data, some Japanese have gotten happy at the thought of having more space on the island.

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