Brian McNamee Admits To Injecting Roger Clemens With PED’s

Former Toronto Blue Jays strength trainer Brian McNamee testified in court on Monday claiming that he injected the 7-time Cy Young award winning pitcher Roger Clemens with anabolic steroids for the first time in 1998.

A clearly remorseful McNamee informed the court that he injected Clemens “8 to 10 times” that summer.

“I knew what I was doing was illegal,” said McNamee.

“I wish to God I could take it back. It was a mistake. I was young.”

Describing in great detail, McNamee when on to tell how Clemens approached him about starting steroids.

“He asked me if I was free that night,” said McNamee, who staying in half of Clemens’ suite at the SkyDome Hotel. “I knew what he was asking.

“When I got there, Roger had the needle, gauze, the alcohol all set up in his bathroom (laid out) on a towel. … (The steroids) looked like skim milk. It was liquid, not a powder but a powdery white. … I irrigated the buttocks. I injected him. It looked like it was a clean strike. … I continued to inject him. (The next time) was very soon after because of the regimen (required) by that drug.”

After describing Clemens first injection, the former strength trainer went on to explain how most of the the injections took place in Toronto, however there were instances where injections took place on the road.

“It was in the Tampa Bay Rays clubhouse on a getaway day,” McNamee said. “Everyone was scrambling around to pack their bags. Roger set it up in like a utility closet … I shut the door. I kept one foot on the door so no one could open it while I was injecting Roger.”

The 11-time All-Star is currently on trial for charges of lying to a U.S. Court about his involvement with the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Do you feel that Roger Clemens pitching accomplishments are invalid due to his involvement with PED’s?

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