Strikes Again! Port Orchard, Washington Man Finds Out Money Back Guarantee Doesn’t Apply To Some Things has been a controversial website to say the least. It claims to be a classified advertising service, but has been riddled with stories for years that say it is a place where pimps advertise their prostitutes. According to an ABC News story, not much has changed, and one Port Orchard, Washington man found out the hard way to be careful when looking for a good time.

Kitsap County Sheriff Deputies are currently searching for a woman who is believed to be involved in the stabbing of an unnamed 31-year-old man. The man claims that the he and the woman hooked up on for an evening of paid sex. After neither the man nor the woman thought that it went well, the man asked for his money back.

He alleges the woman then pulled out a knife and stabbed him. The man suffered injuries to his back and his hand. He was treated at Saint Joseph Hospital in Tacoma. It is not believed that any of his injuries are life threatening. The woman is at large. The man did not indicate if the advertisement he answered on was the woman or a person representing the woman.

This is the latest in a string of crimes that are sexual in nature surrounding In October 2014, a case was brought before the Massachusetts federal court. According to Brietbart, two women chronicled repeated sexual abuse. They were sold 1,900 times through an ad placed at as minors. The same article talks of sex trafficking in Iowa, and the exchanges happened through the classified website.

In 2012, three women were found dead in Detroit. Police learned that these women were listed under the “escort” section of It makes one wonder just how the site continues to operate despite all of the terrible stories associated with it. It is especially surprising in a day where so many states and countries have been trying to crack down on sex trafficking.

What do you think should be done with Should they be able to continue their advertising service despite all of the obvious misdeeds? Should it continue to be buyer beware? Who will take up for the victims that are stuck in the middle? It is safe to say that there is at least one man in Washington who will most likely think twice when he goes looking for a good time. He was fortunate to escape with his life.

[Photo by ABC News]

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