Missouri Woman Sees Donald Trump’s Face In Her Tub Of Butter

A Missouri woman wrote to a TV station over the weekend, saying that she opened her fresh package of organic butter spread and found the face of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump glaring back at her from inside the container.

According to KDSK-TV, Jan Castellano of Wildwood, Missouri, said she was exasperated at the sight of Trump’s “shrieking” face staring back at her from inside her tub of butter.

She reportedly commented on KSDK-TV’s Facebook page, “Only because I’m pretty tired of this man already, now he’s showing up in my butter.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s Face In A Tub Of Butter?

But what you feel about the miraculous appearance of Trump’s mug in a tub of organic butter spread would depend on your political affiliation.

Castellano did not say what she did with the tub of butter, but that would depend also on her political leaning.

But regardless of your political leaning, an angry face glaring at you from inside the container of your butter spread would likely ruin your appetite, especially if — as Jezebel claims — the face appears to be yelling at you, “This toast is a loser! This tub I’m sitting in is a fat pig!”

But some might want to preserve the face frozen mid-shriek and take a leaf out of the book of astute capitalists who did brisk business charging pilgrims for a glimpse of the face of Jesus on a Colombian hillside.

But others would probably just eat it and try to forget about it, though some might be sufficiently spooked to consider an exorcism of the butter spread.

Reactions on KDSK’s Facebook page were mixed. Some Facebook users agreed that the “face” looks like Trump’s, while others expressed displeasure at the trivializing treatment of the estate mogul’s political campaign.

“Of course Trump, it was the mouth that gave it away. Lol.”

” I can’t believe it’s not Trump!”

“I see Trump. To me, he has about as much credibility as a tub of butter, so it’s quite fitting.”

“How does it feel to have no credibility, and report nothing but absolute useless nonsense…”

“Ugh, More journalism and less BS, please.”

Do you agree that the face looks like Trump’s or do you agree with the Facebook user who thinks this is “nothing but absolute useless nonsense…”

[Image: Twitter]

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