Joe Biden Must Act Like The Donald To Trump Democratic Field

Joe Biden needs to make up ground — and fast — if he were to enter the 2016 Presidential race. A CNN report Monday said a source within the Joe Biden camp felt it is more likely the Vice President would enter the race than not likely.

One man who could shed light on the path for Joe Biden to return to the Oval Office is perhaps the most unlikely of sources: Donald Trump.

The billionaire’s surge in the polls shows Americans are looking for someone to be a blunt, down-to-earth guy that tells it like he sees it, the Washington Post‘s David Ignatius wrote recently. These sentiments certainly describe both Donald and Biden. Joe is a man who forged a political career in Washington through saying what he thinks, even to a fault.

Another Trump selling point is to tell crowds generalities about policies and pledging flexibility on the specifics. As Biden would be smart to do in a short campaign run-up, Donald is promising strong leadership without specifying how he would deliver on key issues, a report by Breitbart News stated.

“You need back-and-forth. And it’s not about a plan. It’s about flexibility. You need flexibility. So you could put out a plan, but most of that plan comes back — and you need flexibility to get it done. It can be done beautifully and in harmony and without executive orders all over the place.”

Joe could use this type of campaign selling point if he’s short on time to produce meaningful policy (which he is), or if he promotes the Obama administration’s legacy as how he would continue to govern the country.

More importantly, Joe Biden needs to make a splash with voters from the onset of his campaign, much like Donald did. In early June, Trump had just entered the race when he almost immediately made remarks about immigration that polarized and energized his supporters. Joe needs a similar political move to get his name in the news daily and spur serious debates between himself and the Democratic field, Deadline‘s Dominic Patten wrote earlier this month.

If Donald would emerge as the front-runner after the GOP race is decided, Biden would fare well against Trump, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. In polling three key states for either presidential contender to win, Biden has a significant edge over Donald in two states, and Joe is winning the other fictitious state election by 3 points over Trump.

Even more important to the Democratic hopeful’s campaign is that Joe Biden must emerge as the anti-Trump in theory but like him in delivery, Matthew Dallek wrote in the New York Daily News.

“If he runs, he must become the antithesis of the immigrant-baiting, women-bashing, rabble-rousing campaign that Trump embodies. And if he dives in, the summer of Joe may just become more than a media fad.”

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