Internet Tortures Kelly Osbourne After Latest Giuliana Rancic Rant

The Kelly Osbourne backlash has reached new levels of hate and vulgarness this evening and, though nobody deserves to be treated like this, it can be argued Kelly Osbourne brought some of this on herself.

The Wrap had an interview this weekend with Osbourne about Giuliana Rancic, whom Kelly threw under the bus earlier this year for allegedly being racist.

“I will never admit to liking Giuliana [Rancic] because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.”

It’s quite ironic Kelly is still speaking out about Rancic, given Kelly Osbourne has been the poster woman for racism ever since she insinuated Latinos are only good for cleaning toilets in a comment she made on The View. Since then, Kelly Osbourne’s career has taken a tumble into the no-repair zone, with boycotts, demonstrations, and even 100 unique signatures on a petition at asking for her and her mother, Sharon Osbourne, to be deported.

Let’s face it: Kelly Osbourne probably isn’t racist, even though her comments could have been better stated. Osbourne is now faltering because of what many consider hypocrisy, throwing Giuliana Rancic under the bus after she made comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair on Fashion Police. The attack dogs are out in full force and it’s pretty noticeable in the comments section of Entertainment Weekly after an article posted about Osbourne’s lack of love for Giuliana Rancic.

“Kelly is a disgrace. She is the daughter of a drug addicted man who probably spent her childhood years in a drug induced coma. She knows nothing about life or fashion. She has had everything handed to her on a silver platter,” says commenter Julie.

“Nothing was more hilarious than watching this [P]illsbury dough boy on acid give fashion critique to beautiful classy women. I will miss that. It was hysterical,” says commenter Brian.

Kelly Osbourne might want to avoid reading her Twitter feed this evening. The tweets, which perhaps say more about the people tweeting them than they do about Kelly Osbourne, are some of the most vile tweets seen this year. One Twitter user even superimposed Osbourne’s face onto Hitler’s.

It’s unfortunate that another Twitter user had to body-shame Osbourne in order to prove a point.

It’s a good thing Sharon Osbourne hasn’t become involved in this; it would make things even worse. However, Sharon must be tempted to, especially since her name has been dragged into the backlash with many people on Twitter calling her a bad mother, making fun of her age, and even shaming her for the way she raised her kids. Let’s hope Kelly Osbourne doesn’t let all the hate destroy her and learns a valuable lesson from this mess.

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