Israel is Ready For War [The Iranian Threat]

This past week had a real shocker when the Netanyahu government in Israel announced that Israel was not going to go to early elections and instead they formed the broadest national unity government in the country’s history. This is not an accident. Sources in the Israeli government are saying that this is a sign to Iran that Israel is ready for all obstacles.

Israeli intelligence website Debka has revealed that there are reports that Iran has more than 60 experts working around the country putting together the country’s first nuclear weapon. The names and addresses of the 60 Iranian experts employed by 11 different Iranian agencies under the control of the Iranian Defense Ministry were revealed Saturday, May 12, by the main Iranian opposition Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI).

This proves the most fundamental aspect of the West’s argument, that Iran has not yet decided to build a nuclear weapon, is completely false.

At the time of the list’s publication sources are also indicating that through back channel contacts Washington and Tehran had reached an understanding allowing uranium enrichment up to 5 percent purity to continue; barring enrichment up to 20 percent ; and exporting Iran’s entire 20 percent in stock to prevent its use for bomb production.

It runs out that Tehran has completely rejected this premise and say they will continue to enrich uranium up to 20%. Israel has made it clear that any deal will require Iran to give up ALL enriched uranium and hold none of it inside Iran…period.

Israel has made it clear to the Western powers involved in the talks that there is very little patience in Israel for Iranian intransigence. If it becomes necessary, Israel will attack Iranian nuclear sites. The government and the people seem to be in one mind and voice at this point.

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