Kim Dotcom’s Wife Wants Her Mercedes Back

Many of Kim Dotcom’s possessions were seized earlier this year after the world’s biggest alleged pirate was arrested for running the file-sharing site His wife, Mona Dotcom, has just filed legal papers in an attempt to regain possession of her G55 Mercedes SUV and several other valuable assets.

The Atlantic Wire notes that the vehicle, which has a value of more than $150,000, has not been driven yet by Mona since she has doesn’t have her driver’s license.

Mona’s legal filing says that many of the possessions taken by police belonged to her and not her husband.

Mona said in her filing:

“Many of my personal belongings were taken by the police, including artwork, jewelry and watches, a laptop computer and mobile phone and my car.”

The documents detail the lavish life that Mona enjoyed at Kim Dotcom’s side. Throughout their five year romance, Kim Dotcom bought his wive lavish gifts, including the aforementioned Mercedes, diamond encrusted Chanel watches, Rolex watches, jewelry, art and sculptures.

Mona, who says she had no involvement with Kim Dotcom’s business, also detailed the cost of maintaining her home and raising her five children. Kim Dotcom has been granted a $15,500-per-month allowance for living expenses, which according to Mona, is far from adequate.

Monsa said:

“I have always believed my husband’s businesses are entirely lawful, and I still believe this to be true. I am simply asking the courts to return my own property and make reasonable provision for our family’s ongoing maintenance and care.”

The Hollywood Reporters notes that Mona is asking for a lot more than $15,5000 a month. She’s asking for $780,000 for rent, $22,500 a month for her six member staff, $5,500 a month for groceries, $5,200 for gas and electric, $3,900 for landline phone calls, $1440 for gardening, and $467,000 a year for general house maintenance.

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