Why Seth Rollins Shouldn't Be The WWE U.S. Champ For Long

Seth Rollins is not only still the WWE World Champion, thanks to former Daily Show host John Stewart, Rollins is the WWE United States Champion. This came after John Stewart stunned a Barclay's Center crowd. According to Yahoo, he hit John Cena with a steel chair. Stewart's actions costed Cena the opportunity to become the first-ever WWE superstar to hold both the World Championship and United States title simultaneously.

John Cena's loss is a huge gain for Seth Rollins. And with WWE's "Night of Champions" less than a month away, what will happen with his United States belt?

It is almost a given that Seth Rollins will face John Cena in a rematch from "Summer Slam." Chances are great that the World Championship will be on the line. Since the point of "Night of Champions" is to have every title up for grabs, it does not make sense for the WWE to go with a Rollins versus Cena rematch, at least not with both belts on the line.

Between now and the WWE's next big show, Seth Rollins may vacate the United States title.

Having Seth Rollins remain as the U.S. champ does the other WWE superstars a disservice. It is almost as preposterous as having John Cena using a rematch provision just for that belt. So now we are left to ponder what should become the fate of Seth Rollins' U.S. belt.

Having him vacate the title makes the most sense.

There are superstars such as Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Neville, King Barrett, and Rusev are among the wrestlers who are worthy of championship gold around their waists. Either member of New Day and Titus O'Neal of the Prime Time Players should also receive U.S. title consideration.

A tournament of eight WWE superstars vying for Seth Rollins' title leading up to a final clash at "Night of Champions" is an ideal way to fix this conundrum that the WWE finds itself in. If this happens, the first five superstars must be penciled in as participants for such a tournament. Having a new United States champion crowned at "Night of Champions" would provide an extra wrinkle to what is sure to be a good card.

The other potential solution is to have Seth Rollins defend both titles in separate matches. It is very easy to choose an opponent from a cast of WWE superstars who have had run ins with the brash Rollins. This scenario can include Neville, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and (gulp) John Cena as possible foes to face him.

Having Seth Rollins defend both belts separately at "Night of Champions" would allow the WWE to revisit a rematch with him and Brock Lesnar. It would be a perfect follow up to their match at "Battleground" when The Undertaker reemerged to stop Lesnar from winning (courtesy of Cleveland) the World Championship.

Seth Rollins as the United States champion should be a short-lived experiment by the WWE. While he would make an excellent U.S. champ, Rollins already holds the WWE World Championship and it makes little sense for him to keep both belts. Perhaps we will find out shortly what Seth Rollins and the WWE decides to do with the United States belt. I am voting for Seth Rollins to vacate the title, opening it up to an intriguing eight superstar tournament that comes to a head at "Night of Champions."

[Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment]