Bride-To-Be Stabbed At Her Own Bachelorette Party

A bride-to-be’s special week turned into a nightmare after a man brutally stabbed her at her own bachelorette party.

Sherrie Snader, 27, was celebrating with her sister, Melissa, on Sunday evening, days before her wedding. They had just returned to their hotel for ongoing bachelorette party festivities, when a man that police identified as Kalief Cummings intercepted them, the Huffington Post reports. Sherrie Snader and her sister engaged in a violent altercation with Cummings, resulting in both girls getting stabbed. The man fled the scene on a bicycle.

The bride-to-be and her sister were severely injured by the stabbing, both suffering collapsed lungs — but they were able to escape the assailant and call for help. Melissa and Sherrie Snader are now being treated at a local hospital.

Melissa and Sherrie Snader
Melissa and Sherrie Snader

Kalief Cummings has since been arrested on two charges of assault by police, according to WHAS 11. Though his motivation is unclear, police have confirmed that Cummings stabbed Sherrie Snader and her sister. Surveillance cameras captured video of the entire bloody brawl, and the physical description of the man provided by the victims helped police to identify the culprit.

The father of Sherrie Snader commented on the vicious attack, calling it “sick.”

“Really it’s the kind of shock — you don’t believe it, because these are great girls. They wouldn’t hurt anybody. It’s dismay. Even if you’re going to rob somebody, why do you have to stab them?”

Police have not yet determined if Kalief Cummings was attempting to rob Sherrie Snader and her sister, but there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation. The bride-to-be was simply going to get something eat in the middle of the bachelorette party when the stabbing occurred, according to her father.

Both Sherrie Snader, the bride-to-be, and her sister are expected to make a full recovery. But they will be confined to a hospital bed for the remainder of the week. The wedding may have to be rescheduled. It was set for this coming Saturday, but the father of the bride says it’s unclear at this point if Sherrie will be healthy by the weekend.

According to WDRB, both Melissa and Sherrie Snader are still in pain, but their spirits have not been completely crushed by the unexpected stabbing, which could be a good sign that the wedding may carry on as planned.

Would you cancel your special day if you were stabbed like Sherrie Snader five days before?

[Sherrie Snader image courtesy of Pinterest, Cummings photo courtesy of LOUISVILLE METRO CORRECTIONS]

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