‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Week 5: Vengeance, Manipulation, And Shocking Departures Ahead

By the looks of things, Week 5 of Bachelor in Paradise will be a wild one. Viewers were left hanging once again at the end of Monday’s show and everybody wants to know what comes next. What Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are available for the Week 5 shows airing on August 30 and 31?

ABC teased that there would be a lot more drama ahead between Joe and Samantha and from the looks of things, there’s plenty more to come. While neither one of these Bachelor in Paradise contestants is looking all that stellar at this point, things are about to get even more dramatic with them.

Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that at this point in the show, Nick Peterson, Justin Reich, and Chris Bukowski were all brought to Mexico. As fans have seen, though, there’s so much drama playing out around Samantha and Joe that it’s hard to fit everything in. However, Episode 9, airing on Sunday will show more of the dates taking place at this point.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Justin actually ends up taking Amber on his date when Sammi backs out. When all of the dates are said and done, the ladies have roses to hand out. Naturally, Tanner, Kirk, and Joshua are safe. Despite a lot of tears and drama between them, Ashley I. gives her rose to Jared.

Ashley S. remains enamored with Nick so he gets her rose, and Juelia naturally gives hers to Mikey. Justin gets a rose from Amber and Samantha has the last rose to dole out. Due to all of the drama, she gives her rose to Dan over Joe. It looks like the end of the road for Joe in paradise, as he and Chris are headed home.

At this point, it’s not clear where the Week 5 episodes will end and the Week 6 episodes begin. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate there is a lot of chaos to play out with many departures on the way. Viewers soon will see four new ladies arrive and at least a couple of surprising departures.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Jaclyn Swartz from Ben Flajnik’s season and Bachelor Pad 3 will show up in Mexico, as do Mackenzie Deonigi from Chris Soules’ season and both Cassandra Ferguson and Chelsie Webster from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season.

Chelsie will take Nick on a date while Mackenzie will take out Justin. Jaclyn doesn’t have anybody to take out so she gives her card to Nick, who scores a date with Samantha. Cassandra and Justin also head out on a date. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Jared will leave paradise on his own, and Dan leaves as well.

In addition to Dan and Jared leaving, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Juelia will head out and so will Ashley I. What happens to Juelia and Mikey at this point? Fans will have to tune in to find out. Most of the roses at this point will be predictable, with Kirk, Joshua, and Tanner giving their roses to Carly, Tenley, and Jade.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Nick gives his to Samantha, Justin’s goes to Cassandra, and Mikey gets a bit of a shock when he offers one to Mackenzie and she declines. After the rose ceremony wraps, Mackenzie, Amber, Jaclyn, Chelsie, and Ashley S. are all roseless and heading home. Much of that, in all likelihood, will be carried over to the September 6 episode.

The Season 2 Bachelor in Paradise finale week is right around the corner and fans can’t wait to see how things end. Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that there are still several couples together at this point, though people may be surprised on some fronts.

Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on ABC on Sunday and Monday nights to see just what comes next as these Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants look for love in Mexico. Fans can’t wait to see if anybody manages to find lasting love in Season 2 in the midst of so much crazy drama.

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