Black Lives Matter Textbook Coming To A School Near You?

A Black Lives Matter textbook has been created to teach sixth- through 12th-grade students about race relations and racism. Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards wrote the text as a “one-stop reference.” Keith Ellison wrote the introduction to the book.

The Black Lives Matter (Special Reports) textbook introduces “non-black children” to the concepts of “anti-blackness,” terror, and “anti-black violence” present in the American society and the judicial system, according to the Feminist Wire. A BixPacReview report about the book claims Harris specializes in “black feminism.” The book reportedly complies with Common Core standards.

“I looked for a book like this, and didn’t find it. The discussion needs to happen sooner, but educators need a tool that’s comprehensive and engaging,” Duchess Harris said.

The Black Lives Matter activist is also an American Studies professor at a liberal arts college in St. Paul Minnesota. The campus is reportedly 86 percent white.

Sue Bradford Edwards is reportedly a blogger and writer of historical non-fiction books for children. The Black Lives Matter (Special Report) textbook is published by ABDO Publishing.

ABDO Publishing reportedly specializes in books for school libraries and non-fiction books. The Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards book is currently on pre-order and is expected to be available with a library binding in the next several months.

“[Black Lives Matter (Special Reports)] covers the shootings that touched off passionate protests, the work of activists to bring about a more just legal system and tensions in the U.S. society that these events have brought to light,” according to an ABDO Publishing release shared on Fox News.

Larry Elder, a black talk radio show host, does not appear to support the Black Lives Matter textbook. Elder said that the book is “indoctrinating children” and convincing them to believe that black people are victims and white people should feel guilty about both the past and present.

“Why don’t they [Black Lives Matter protesters] come down to Compton or South Central, where I grew up, and confront the Bloods and the Crips and MS-13?” Elder asked. “Get in their faces and chant ‘black lives matter.’ Maybe that will have some sort of effect.”

The conservative talk radio personality said the root cause of the problems the Black Lives Matter activists refuse to address is the “implosion of the black family.”

“And the reason for the implosion of the black family are left-wing policies that have encouraged women to marry the government and men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility,” Elders added.

What do you think about the Black Lives Matter textbook?

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