JJ Lane’s Relationship With Girl Back Home Didn’t Work Out, Says Samantha Steffen Worse Than Joe Bailey

Unfortunately for JJ Lane’s fans who were hoping that he found love after Bachelor in Paradise, that didn’t work out. As Sunday night’s episode of The Bachelor spin-off show aired, JJ posted several tweets that revealed what happened with the woman he left the show for and his thoughts on the remaining cast members.

On Sunday night’s episode, JJ surprisingly decided to leave the show. Although he enjoyed a date with Megan Bell earlier, he didn’t give her his rose. Nor did he give Juelia Kinney, whom he helped defend against Joe Bailey, his rose. Instead, JJ gave his rose to Ashley Salter, and announced that he was leaving the show. He said that he wanted to get back together with a girl back home, whom he had broken up with prior to joining the show.

As dramatic military music played, JJ gave a pompous speech.

“I defended what I needed to defend, I stood up for what I believed in, I spoke my mind. I hope that people learn that I love, that I care, that I’m selfless and that I’m courageous. … I didn’t find love but I found myself. Tonight the rubber meets the road. Time is of the essence. I feel like I’m rolling the dice.”

“I didn’t say anything to like, make myself seem stupid, right?” he asked a producer as he left.

JJ poked fun at his dramatic military exit.

In response to viewers asking him what happened with the girl back home, JJ Lane revealed that he didn’t get the girl back. He added that doing the show made it complicated.

JJ also joked about what a catch he is.

Several of JJ’s Bachelor in Paradise co-stars praised him on Twitter. Juelia Kinney said that she was lucky to get the chance to know JJ. JJ replied that he wanted to give her the rose, but that it worked out in the end for her. As Juelia was making her exit from the show after not getting a rose, Mikey Tenerelli showed back up. It was revealed that Juelia had previously told Chris Harrison that she regretted giving her rose to Joe Bailey, and if there was any way of bringing back Mikey. The two of them rejoined the cast.


JJ and Juelia are still good friends. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, JJ hung out with Juelia, as well as Ashley Iaconetti and Britt Nilsson, last Monday in Hollywood.

Tenley Molzahn also praised JJ. She said that she was proud of JJ and that he redeemed himself.

JJ replied that it was easy to be good with women like Tenley around.

As for Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey, JJ Lane still doesn’t think very highly of them. He thinks that Samantha, who dumped Joe on his birthday, prompting Joe to promise revenge on her, is even worse than Joe. He tweeted that Samantha was the master while Joe was just her puppet.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]