‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 8 Brings Quests For Revenge, New Guys, And Romantic Dates

Viewers saw a lot of drama play out Sunday night on Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers tease that Monday night’s show will be full of chaos, tears, and romance, and viewers can’t wait to check it out. What can everybody expect from the August 24 episode?

ABC teases that Jared, Ashley I., and Joe will still be dealing with disappointment over how their experiences in Mexico have gone. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that one new pair is getting a fresh chance at finding love.

Juelia will embrace a chance to move on by getting an overnight date with Mikey. The two head off on a jet to Guadalajara and seemingly have a wonderful time. Juelia sees potential in Mikey being the kind of man she’s been searching for, and the two stay in a suite overnight.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Joe will be seeking revenge against Samantha, threatening to tell everybody what really happened between them. On a happier front, Kirk surprises Carly with a date, and he seemingly is ready to consider a future with her. Viewers have seen how giddy Carly is over Kirk, though Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that there are some difficult times ahead.

Joe seemingly will try to win Samantha back, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that this may well get embarrassing and ugly. In addition, Justin Reich from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season shows up, and he’s focused on winning over Samantha as well. Once again, viewers will be left hanging in terms of the rose ceremony and departures. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken down what is said to happen next.

From the looks of things, there’s plenty yet to transpire before the rose ceremony that will carry over into the Week 5 episodes. Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Chris Bukowski will be showing up, but he doesn’t have much luck finding love in Mexico. He wanted to date Jade, but obviously she’s taken.

Chris will end up giving his date card to Josh so that Josh and Tenley can head out on a date. As for Justin’s date, Samantha will first say yes, then say no, and he’ll take Amber out instead. At the rose ceremony, the women are handing out roses.

As fans would expect, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Kirk gets Carly’s rose, Joshua gets Tenley’s, Tanner gets Jade’s, and Mikey gets Juelia’s. Despite the drama between Jared and Ashley I., she will give him her rose. Nick gets a rose from Ashley S., and Justin gets a rose from Amber.

What about Samantha’s rose? She’ll give hers to Dan, leaving Joe packing his bags. Chris will also head home on his own since nobody wanted to date him. It’ll take quite a bit of time for fans to see all of this play out, it seems, but viewers won’t want to miss all of this drama.

While there is certainly a lot of chaos transpiring in some of these relationships, there is love forming too. Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that there are some couples still together post-filming, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Tune into Bachelor in Paradise airing on Monday, August 24 to see just what comes next.

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