Little Boy Picks Doll At Toy Store For Birthday Gift, Dad Reaction Goes Viral [Video]

One father’s reaction to his son’s birthday gift of choice has gone viral. While most parents would probably expect their young sons to request action figures, toy power tools, or bikes for their birthday, apparently, this little guy found something else a bit more interesting.

According to KFOR, the boy’s dad, Mikki Willis, shared a video detailing their trip to the toy store via Facebook on August 21. The California filmmaker explained that his son had received two of the same gift for his birthday. So, they took a trip to the toy store to exchange one of the toys for a new one he didn’t have. While browsing at the toy store, his 4-year-old son found a doll that he wanted for his birthday — a Mermaid barbie doll, to be more specific.

Of course, most parents would be baffled by the seemingly odd request. But, Willis took a different approach to the situation. Now, his reaction has gone viral. The short clip begins with Willis recounting their trip to the toy store. He also revealed the Mermaid doll his son selected. Then he asked the question most would probably expect: “How do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get THIS…”

But, instead of condemning his son, he embarked on the path of acceptance and reiterated to his two children how much he loves them unconditionally, reports Mirror Online. His heartfelt response has caught the attention of more than ten million viewers, and the video has gone viral in less than three days with over 177,000 shares. Most of Facebook users who shared their sentiments have praised Willis for supporting his son. One Facebook user even shared details about a similar experience he had as a child, and commended Willis for his supportive decision.

“As someone who had an Ariel doll himself, I have to say you’re an amazing man and father. My father also allowed me to have one and I can say that my success as a kindhearted, intelligent and loving man is in huge part to my father’s acceptance of who I was and contributed to those traits. Bravo!!” the Facebook user said.

“I love this guys approach to raising kids..Let them never feel ashamed because they didn’t go for the plastic gun or the GI Joe doll!!! Be proud they chose a Disney heroine and positive image for what a woman can be…Ariel is not only gorgeous..she also kicks a**..She went up against a big shark, a Sea-Witch, and even saved her all-powerful father from the Sea-Witch…Love the choice!” another Facebook user said.

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[Image via Facebook Screen Capture]

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