Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner & More Tease Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’

Justin Bieber is just days away from landing his comeback single “What Do You Mean?”, which drops Friday, August 28.

Specifically. Four days, in fact. The latest celebrities to make us aware of this impending date are Kate Hudson (consider us impressed), Larry King, Little Big Town, and Jason Derulo, in a mix of videos and photos on their own and the Biebs’ social media accounts.

Let’s face it, even if anyone did have some crazed idea about any information about the star’s impending song, they would still probably hear about it. That is because there is currently no known event horizon where Justin Bieber’s celebrity-assisted countdown is not taking place.

To hear the Biebs’ manager, Scooter Braun, tell it, all the stars involved needed only one text message or call before coming on board to promote the singer’s new single. Which is impressive, given that the countdown alum include Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran, Will Ferrell, Luke Bryan, Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher, Alanis Morissette, Tony Hawk, Travi$ Scott, Tony Hawk, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and Sunday’s entrants —- model Kendall Jenner and actor Ben Stiller.

On Sunday, the 21-year-old heartthrob posted three funny videos featuring Stiller.

The actor-comedian-director riffed on the-then five days left until the single’s drop.

Until finally, the following.

Bieber’s model pal, Kendall, sent a pic and a clip from the Caribbean, which showed her tracing “Justin Bieber What Do You Mean JB” and a heart shape in the sand, and also revealed an instrumental snippet of the single, which Beliebers must now be desperate to hear.

Yes, that’s an actual snippet of the song playing in the background of the clip.

Fast forward past Bieber’s equal parts swaggering and sensitive Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival performance following EDM king Skrillex’s headlining set at Nikon at Jones Beach Threater on Sunday night, to Monday. More celebrity countdown surprises awaited.

First up, R&B hoofer Jason Derulo managed to marshall his audience on the first day of Billboard’s festival, and coordinating them to shout “four days” in unison.

“Thanks @jasonderulo. I think @dankanter was in that crowd. What Do You Mean? #4days,” Justin wrote, referring to his longtime show musical director and guitarist.

Then, country music vocal group, Little Big Town, graced the Biebs’ social pages.

Justin’s caption read, “U know I love country. Thanks @littlebigtown. What Do You Mean. #4days.”

Next up. Larry King. The longtime talk show personality was, in fact, promised a slot in the countdown by Braun when he recently appeared on Hula’s Larry King Now. The 81-year-old held up the now-familiar sign and joked that the release of Bieber’s upcoming single is a major news story.

“This is a MAJOR news story!! @kingsthings What Do You Mean?,” the Biebs’ caption reads.

At press time, the final famous face coming out for Bieber was acting Hollywood royalty — Kate Hudson. The stunning blonde stars in a dreamy, distorted video showing her listening to “What Do you Mean?” We also get the first blast of Bieber’s voice on the up-tempo.

“Almost Famous I guess ) @katehudson thanks. #4days What Do You Mean? This is awesome,” Justin wrote alongside Hudson’s clip.

The single is the lead single from the Canadian’s new album, which arrives on November 13. After swinging by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to announce the song last month, Justin kicked off the 30 day countdown. Now, with just four days left, we have to say this gripping stuff, speculating who will make the final countdown to the Biebs’ new single.

It couldn’t be — or could it? What do you think Beliebers? Let us know in comments below.

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