Jimmy Fallon Chipped Tooth The Latest Misfortune For Injury-Prone ‘Tonight Show’ Host

Jimmy Fallon has not been having a very good summer, health-wise. The Tonight Show host nearly tore a finger from his hand back in June, and last week, he chipped a tooth — ironically, while opening medicine for his injured ring, MSN is reporting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fallon suffered a rather gruesome injury to the ring finger on his left hand back in June. While on hiatus from The Tonight Show, Jimmy was at his home when he tripped and fell; on the way down, he grabbed at a table. His ring caught the edge of the table, and in the fall, he nearly tore his finger off.

The nasty injury put Jimmy in the ICU for 10 days, but fortunately he won’t lose his finger (and if you enjoy looking at horrifyingly gross pictures of injuries, do a Google Image search for “Ring Avulsion” to see what Jimmy went through). He was told that it would be eight weeks before he got feeling back in his finger, and considering that Jimmy is a musician, losing a finger would have been devastating.

Since The Tonight Show returned from hiatus, Fallon has been admirably hosting the show with his injured finger, sporting bandages on his bad finger and laughing about the injury with his fans and co-workers.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, the injuries keep coming. Last Friday, Fallon chipped a tooth while trying to open a container of medicine for his injured finger. The comedian posted a picture of himself in a dentist’s chair on Instagram, explaining his latest, ironic injury to his fans.

“Chipped front tooth trying to open tube of scar tissue repair gel for recovering finger injury. Thank you Dr. Jobe DDS! #BestSummerEver Brand new Tonight Show tonight!”

This particular injury was a lot less severe than the nearly-severed finger, and Jimmy was back behind the desk at The Tonight Show that night.

Fans took to Jimmy’s Instagram post to offer their condolences and to have a little fun at his expense.

“Man you got some brittle teeth there Jimmy, what’s going on?”

Although he’s not having a very good summer health-wise, professional things couldn’t be looking better for Jimmy Fallon: NBC recently extended Fallon’s Tonight Show contract for six more years.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Mark Davis]