Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal Isn’t A Scandal

On his Friday night talk show, Bill Maher defended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of private email during her time as U.S. Secretary of State. Maher launched into Clinton’s email scandal by first accusing the Republican party of not dealing with “actual problems” that face Americans.

“It seems like you’re always dealing with things that aren’t actual problems that affect Americans, Benghazi, the latest is the email scandal. Is this a scandal? I keep trying to be fair about it. Trying to find some reason I should be upset with Hillary for using her work server when it should have been her home server, or vice-versa. And I just can’t find a there-there… but I will admit, that it has worked, her numbers are down. Because people don’t pay attention to details and the media creates a lot of smoke about it.”

Conservative panelist and writer for the National Review, Charles Cooke disagreed with Maher, saying that Clinton violated federal law.

“I will disagree, I think you’re wrong there, I think the details support the skepticism towards her. If you look at both USC 18793 and USC 181924, these are federal laws she’s clearly violated. They are part of the U.S. code.”

Maher responded by comparing Clinton’s email scandal to how Bill Clinton’s sex scandal was handled, saying Fox News has been unnecessarily covering Cliton’s use of private email.

“This so reminds me of the blowjob. Yes, he [Clinton] lied under oath.”

“Fox has spent more time on this scandal than they did on all the skrew ups in Iraq, where so many people died and we spent trillions of dollars. Even all the Republican candidates admit it was a bad idea to go into [Iraq] to begin with. Even if it everything you [Cooke] say, is it as important as climate change or health care? To spend all this energy on it!”

Panelist Cooke answered Maher’s question, firmly believing Clinton’s use of private e-mail is an important issue.

“Here’s why I think it’s important. We talk a lot at the moment, quite rightly, about judicial inequality. Barack Obam has prosecuted more people than any other president for classified information violations, for national security violations. Three times actually than any other president. And a lot of those people were lower-level powerless peons in the system. And somehow we think it’s ridiculous that Hillary Clinton might be prosecuted when she’s clearly, she’s clearly, violated federal law.”

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