AMC Releases Brand New ‘The Walking Dead’ Teaser Videos For Season 6

AMC premiered a couple brand new teaser videos for Season 6 of The Walking Dead during their Walking Dead marathon, and during a special edition of Talking Dead that concluded the marathon before leading into the premiere episode of the companion series, Fear The Walking Dead. The first video showed a conversation between Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). The second was a promo video showcasing the Season 6 characters.

Although not much was shown in the first Season 6 video, let’s take a closer look at it. As is typical with teasers for The Walking Dead, there may not be a lot to see, but plenty can be gleaned from the footage.

  • Abraham sat in a car with Sasha, who was driving. There appeared to be a sense of urgency, although the tank was just under half full, so at least we know running out of gas didn’t appear to be their main concern.
  • They were on their way to an unknown location.
  • Abraham seemed concerned about Sasha’s mental well-being, yet she maintained that she’s fine. Although, she was concerned that Abraham was prepared to get into the car with her when he was concerned about her mental health. It could be an indicator the car trip occurred after something traumatic, particularly since Abraham seemed to think Sasha was about to melt down all over again.
  • Sasha commented they were about to do something huge; although, she doesn’t explain what it was. She only said, “Doing something as big as this, that’s living.” It will be interesting to see how this conversation unfurls in Season 6 of The Walking Dead and just how important their road trip turns out to be.
  • The video concluded with Sasha announcing, “There it is.” Although — in true Walking Dead style — the clip cut before the audience got to see where they had arrived.

You can watch the full trailer for Season 6 of The Walking Dead in the video below.

The second promo video for Season 6 of The Walking Dead was called “Shadows” and featured the main characters as they appear and then disappear into the shadows. The video was set to the song “We Carry On” by The Phantoms, which will be available for purchase on iTunes beginning August 25, 2015. The clip concluded with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) saying “Making it now.” Someone else followed up that line with, “You really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?”

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will premiere in October 2015 on AMC.

Are you looking forward to Season 6 of The Walking Dead? Do you think there could be more to the conversation between Abraham and Sasha? Where do you think they went? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: AMC]