Donald Trump Appearing On ‘Rolling Stone,’ Promising ‘Management’ For Immigration Plan

The Donald Trump train continues to run right along and there doesn’t appear to be anything that can derail it right now. The Republican presidential candidate has been making quite a few promises about what he will do if he actually gets into the White House and when he’s asked for specifics, he’s been rather adept at sidestepping the question. The most recent Donald Trump two-step occurred on Sunday morning when he appeared alongside George Stephanopoulos.

During this appearance, Donald Trump was asked how he was going to carry out his immigration plan and he answered that he would do it through “management.” Further more, Donald Trump seemed to actually be admitting he didn’t have any idea how he would actually manage to “deport everyone,” but he didn’t need a fully realized plan because, “I’m going to get great people that know what they are doing,” Donald Trump said. During this appearance, Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump if he expected neighbors to turn in neighbors. The candidate responded that he “didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Despite the fact that the political world tends to recoil from this kind of lack of attention to detail, Donald Trump is only adding supporters wherever he goes. The situation has become one where this kind of blunt talk has allowed him to solidify his lead as we get closer and closer to actual votes in the Republican primary. The real estate magnate, who was once considered a joke when he talked about running for the White House, has actually managed to get himself a rather rock star type persona. That has been underlined by recent reports that the candidate is going to be making the cover of Rolling Stone. As CNN points out, the reality television star is certainly no stranger to getting himself on the cover of magazines. Rolling Stone just happens to be one he’s never managed to make an appearance on.

If those reports are true, it would be a statement about how Trump has become someone that a magazine that caters to the younger crowd wants to feature. Of course, at the moment, Rolling Stone isn’t saying the presumptive Republican nominee will actually be gracing it’s cover. It’s entirely possible those reports are untrue or that the magazine will change it’s mind. The publication tends not to say one way or the other about who will appear on the cover until it’s published. If it is true, it’s only indicative of just how popular Donald Trump truly is these days.

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