Josh Duggar Labeled ‘Maniac’ By Man Whose Image He Stole For Dating Profile

Josh Duggar has personally victimized plenty of women, including his wife and his younger sisters. He was raised by parents who were followers of the Christian patriarchal movement, so perhaps his upbringing has something to do with why he doesn’t seem to mind hurting women. However, it turns out that Josh’s wasn’t just ruining women’s lives — now his list of victims has grown to include another man.

According to Gawker, Josh Duggar created an OkCupid dating profile as part of his online effort to cheat on his wife, Anna Duggar. Josh also had an Ashley Madison account and a secret Facebook profile that he used to friend strippers and lingerie models. Because Josh has a famous face, he faced a predicament — the former 19 Kids and Counting star couldn’t use one of his own photos on his dating profile. If he had done this, there’s a very good chance that Anna Duggar would have discovered what he was up to a long time ago.

So instead of using one of his own photos, Josh simply decided to steal another guy’s face to put on his sexist, homophobic OkCupid dating profile. He seemingly did a Google image search for “random guy,” and he discovered the photo of a much better-looking man named Matthew James McCarthy, a Hollywood DJ. Gawker recently tracked down McCarthy to ask him about how he feels about Josh using his photo to cheat.

According to McCarthy, Josh’s wrongdoing has caused him a bit of embarrassment. One of his high school teachers saw a photo of his face in an article about the Josh Duggar sex scandal, and she was so concerned that she contacted McCarthy on Facebook to ask him about it.

“I was just like, ‘No, no, no, no that’s—that’s not me.'” McCarthy said. “It was so weird—it’s just kind of crazy to have someone I haven’t spoken to in so long message me about it.”

Matthew James McCarthy thought having his name connected to the cheating scandal was “funny” at first, but he quit laughing after he read up on Josh and the rest of the Duggar family. Now he seems to find the Duggars rather appalling, and he wants to make sure that everyone knows that he’s nothing like the oldest Duggar son.

“Now that I’ve found out that this guy’s a child molester, and he’s unfaithful and all those other things—it’s awful! Especially since he’s supposed to be this standup religious guy. I mean, I’m not all that religious, but I do—I am very close with my family. And am basically the exact opposite of him And now, this maniac is using my pictures online to try to get laid.”

TMZ previously claimed that McCarthy was “looking into his legal options” because Josh’s use of his photo had cost him a DJ gig, but McCarthy told Gawker that the sex scandal actually hasn’t had any effect on his job. However, he is still concerned about Josh’s actions tarnishing his image. He also offered Josh a bit of invaluable advice: quit being a terrible person by lying, cheating, and “pretending to be other people.”

So far, Josh Duggar hasn’t apologized for stealing Matthew James McCarthy’s photo.

[Image credits: Matthew James McCarthy, Josh Duggar/Instagram]

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