Josh Duggar Could Be Sued Over OkCupid Profile: Matthew McCarthy Lost Job Because Of Josh

Josh Duggar could get sued for stealing a better-looking guy’s photo and using it on his OkCupid profile. Matthew McCarthy’s name is now linked to Josh’s cheating scandal even though he did nothing wrong, and the connection has already cost the DJ dearly.

After hackers leaked Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account information online, Gawker discovered an OkCupid dating profile set up under the name “joesmithsonnwa.” Josh used this name as his Ashley Madison email handle, so it’s likely that the OkCupid account also belonged to him (it was deleted shortly after Gawker discovered it). However, the photo on the profile certainly didn’t belong to Josh — the former 19 Kids and Counting star seemingly did a Google image search for “random guy,” and he swiped one of the first photos that came up: A picture of a Hollywood DJ named Matthew McCarthy.

Josh Duggar Stolen Photo

TMZ managed to track down Matthew McCarthy, and he revealed that he was “shocked” when he found out that Josh was using his image to try to cheat on his wife. According to McCarthy, Josh’s actions have even cost him a paycheck — he was supposed to DJ at a club recently, but he lost the gig because his name was linked to Josh’s high-profile sex scandal.

“He feels this is somehow defamation of character, and he’s considering his legal options,” TMZ writes.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, a user on the Freejinger internet forum posted screenshots of the OkCupid profile on Photobucket. The person who created the dating profile thinks that he’s smarter than most people, loves to argue, wants creationism to be taught in schools, and is against gay marriage and abortion. He also believes that it’s not possible for “someone to be an Atheist and still have a solid moral framework by which to live,” and he thinks that there are situations in which a woman is obligated to have sex with him.

Matthew McCarthy’s potential defamation lawsuit isn’t the only legal headache that Josh has to worry about. Before Josh admitted to cheating on Anna Duggar, he became an object of derision by admitting that he molested five girls when he was a teenager. Four of the girls were his younger sisters, and the fifth was an unnamed babysitter. As the Inquisitr previously reported, that unnamed babysitter started to look into suing Josh for emotional damage after his dark past became public knowledge a few months ago. The victim is also upset with Josh’s family members for appearing on The Kelly File to downplay his actions.

These potential legal battles could have a devastating effect on Josh Duggar’s family. Josh is no longer making a living by spouting off against gay marriage and abortion as a mouthpiece for the Family Research Council, and his wife, Anna Duggar, is a stay-at-home mom who has never had a paying job. The couple welcomed their fourth child back in July, so that’s a lot of mouths for two jobless parents to feed.

So far, Josh Duggar has not directly responded to the allegations that the OkCupid account belongs to him or McCarthy’s threat to sue.

[Image credits: Matthew McCarthy, Josh Duggar/Instagram]

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