Ohio Man, Whose Sister Was Paralyzed In Car Crash, Chases Down ‘Drugged Up Driver’ [Video]

A man from Ohio is being hailed a hero after he chased down a reckless driver and held her until police could arrive to the scene. Sam Haynes, 26, says he saw a female driver swerving erratically across the road. Haynes says she was putting herself and other drivers in very real danger and he had to take action. Haynes filmed the encounter so that it could be used by police as evidence and chased down 43-year-old Sandra Harris. Haynes said he could not allow Harris to put others in danger as his sister was paralyzed in a car crash after she was hit by a driver on heroine. Therefore, the incident hit close to home for Haynes.

In the video, which was shared by Haynes and uploaded by the Daily Mail, the man can be seen videoing the woman as her vehicle swerves across the road, into the grass and back onto the road again. Haynes is clearly distressed by what he is seeing and chases down the erratic driver. The female driver refuses to stop the vehicle so Haynes gives her no choice by pulling directly in front of the woman, blocking her from entering back into traffic.

Local 12 notes that once the driver stops, Haynes gets out of the car and confronts the woman who appears to be intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. She repeatedly says she is “so sorry” but Haynes doesn’t let her get off that easy. Instead, he informs her that she is putting others in danger and that she could have killed someone. Haynes knows the tragedy that can strike due to a single intoxicated driver as his sister was paralyzed in a car wreck when a driver on heroine hit her vehicle.

Haynes notes that he stayed with the woman, who was later identified as 43-year-old Sandra Harris, until police could arrive. Harris was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What do you think of Sam Haynes’ response to the woman’s erratic driving?

[Image Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail]