Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Kills It In Cable News Ratings As Megyn Kelly Vacations

Bill O’Reilly was back from vacation and had an incredible week. When averaging cable news ratings on Zap2It, O’Reilly had an average of 3.02 million viewers a night. O’Reilly’s biggest night was Monday, where he had 3.1 million viewers. His lowest night was Thursday with 2.87 million viewers.

The Kelly File had lower ratings than usual but still did well considering Megyn Kelly wasn’t even there. Kelly’s show averaged 2.33 million viewers a night with Wednesday night leading (2.56 million viewers) and Monday night losing (2.23 million viewers).

Rachel Maddow continues to be MSNBC’s main star. She averaged 918,000 viewers a night, which is really good considering MSNBC’s ultra-low ratings. Maddow’s ratings have been slowly, but consistently, rising all year. Maddow constantly mocks Bill O’Reilly, but it’s likely that, no matter how much her star is rising, she’ll never come close to O’Reilly’s success.

Speaking of Bill O’Reilly, he had a very angry week. He used his show Thursday night to talk about how Democrats have gone so far to the left that they have angered most Americans and helped nobody.

“Despite spending trillions trying to redistribute wealth the poverty rate for women, blacks and other groups has gone up since President Obama took office. By making it more difficult for private enterprise to make money, high taxes, constricting regulation, the Democrats have actually harmed the poor and stifled the middle class.”

O’Reilly went on to note that the economy is anything but thriving. On Tuesday evening, Mr. O’Reilly started his show by indicating that some political analysts now believe Clinton will not be able to run for president since her emails are being investigated by the FBI. Bill O’Reilly’s segment quoted Hillary Clinton from an interview with Fox News correspondent Ed Henry.

“My personal e-mails are my personal business, right? So we went through a painstaking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law, that decision is made by the official. I was the official.”

Though Bill O’Reilly obviously isn’t a Hillary Clinton fan, he was very fair in his assessment of the situation. Bill indicated that even though Hilary Clinton’s poll numbers are falling, she is a determined candidate who nobody should count out yet. The results of the investigation over Clinton’s emails will come out in a couple of months.

During the week, Mr. O’Reilly also ranted about the American justice system, illegal immigrants, and the mainstream media. Bill O’Reilly will most likely have another competition-free week.

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