‘I’m Ready To Become A Cold-Blooded Killer’: Texas Surgeon Kills Two Patients, Paralyzes Four

Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Texas neurosurgeon, is accused of intentionally inflicting pain on his patients, leaving two dead and four paralyzed. The doctor is being referred to as the “sociopath surgeon” by numerous media outlets, and reports indicate that prosecutors are calling Duntsch’s hands “deadly weapons.”

The mad doctor allegedly inflicted pain on his patients intentionally by inserting medical devices and screws improperly. The Texas medical board says that Dr. Christopher Duntsch “did unlawfully then and there intentionally, knowingly and recklessly cause serious bodily injury” to his patients, which resulted in the death of two, leaving four others permanently paralyzed.

The Daily Mail reports that the Texas neurosurgeon, Christipher Duntsch, was denied a reduction of his $600,000 bail at a hearing Friday after he was accused of intentionally inflicting pain on his patients, killing two and leaving four paralyzed. The doctor will remain in jail until his trial thanks to the judge’s refusal to decrease his bond. The ruling comes after a series of damning emails between the “sociopath surgeon” and one of his employees were revealed.

The emails between the 44-year-old Duntsch and one of his employees notes that he is ready to “leave the love and kindness and goodness and patience” and “become a cold-blooded killer.”

“I am ready to leave the love and kindness and goodness and patience that I mix with everything else that I am and become a cold blooded killer.”

According to Dallas News, the email was sent in December of 2011, just months before a series of botched spinal surgeries that would leave two women dead and four others paralyzed for life. According to the report, the criminal charges stem from a series of medical malpractice claims, in which police noted that the doctor “knowingly takes actions that place the patients’ lives at risk.” The Texas medical board revoked Duntsch’s medical license in 2013 after he failed “to follow proper procedures before operations or respond to complications that caused at least two deaths.” Upon further investigation, it was disclosed that another doctor once forced Duntsch to stop operating on a patient because of his “unacceptable surgical technique.”

The criminal and civil court records indicate that Duntsch is currently facing five counts of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, and one of injury to an elderly person causing serious bodily injury. No word on if the charges will be raised to homicide as more information and emails come to light.

Though the evidence against Duntsch’s malpractice mounts, the Texas neurosurgeon’s lawyer says his client is ready to defend himself in the court of law.

“My client has defended himself throughout this process and has been successful in navigating through these waters.”

The case of Dr. Duntsch is similar to that of a prominent Michigan doctor who admitted to giving patients medically unnecessary treatments in order to secure insurance payouts.

If it is determined that Duntsch knowingly put patients in risk of death and was responsible for the death of two patients due to malpractice, should he be charged with murder?

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