Book Claims Oprah and Michelle Obama Are Feuding With One Another

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey worked hand-in-hand during President Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign in 2008 but a new unauthorized biography is now claiming that the two women are no longer BFFs.

Titled The Amateur and penned by former New York Times Magazine editor Edward Klein the book claims that Obama advisers Valier Jarrett and Desirée Rogers grew worried that Oprah and the Obama family had grown to close to one another and that Michelle Obama was growing jealous of Oprah because she held influence over her husband and his Presidential actions.

If that influence was not enough to draw a line in the sand between Oprah and Michelle Obama the book also claims that the first lady because increasingly hostile towards Oprah, criticizing her weight. The book also claims a fight broke out over Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity campaign. As the story goes Oprah featured the campaign on her talk show but Michelle Obama refused a spot on the show.

In the meantime the White House has continued to slam Edward Klein’s book, calling it nothing more than a work of complete fiction that holds no merit in the real world.

Other revelations in the book include news that Bill Clinton isn’t a fan of Barack Obama.

In a harshly worded attack against The Amateur an Obama spokesperson notes:

“Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one.”

Do you think the book is a complete work of fiction? Perhaps we will know soon enough if Oprah does or does not come out in support of President Obama for a second term.

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