George Stephanopoulos Tries Pressing Donald Trump On Immigration

George Stephanopoulos attempted to get specifics from Donald Trump on how he plans to enact sweeping immigration reform, and it didn’t go so well — or perhaps did, depending on your perspective.

On Sunday’s edition of This Week, the host repeatedly asked Trump the question, but all he could get out was, “It’s called management and great people.”

Trump then contested that none of his Republican opponents could accomplish what he has in store because they didn’t have the “energy” to get it done.

“They’re politicians,” he said disparagingly, to which George Stephanopoulos again tried to bring the talk back around to immigration specifics.

That’s when Trump again gave him the “management and people” answer. He also noted that border patrol agents could already make a significant impact, but they’re being told to stand down by the federal government.

Trump also spoke out in favor of “expediting the good ones [illegal immigrants]” back into the country and sending the bad ones packing.

Finally, Stephanopoulos abandoned the line of questioning and turned to Trump’s thoughts on Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, fellow Republican candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump said that Walker’s state of Wisconsin was “in trouble” and that the $1 billion surplus they were looking at has turned into more than $2 billion in debt.

“They’re over-levered,” Trump said, adding that he loves the people of Wisconsin but attributes the state’s failings to Walker’s leadership (or lack of).

Trump also said that Jeb Bush was “a nice man,” but added that he “doesn’t have the energy for the job.”

“This job takes a lot of energy,” he added.

On a closing note, perhaps in frustration at trying to get Trump to point out a weakness, George Stephanopoulos asked the Donald what failure that he’d had in business taught him the most.

“Well I haven’t had many failures, George,” Trump said before talking about how there were times when markets went sour and put him in a bad situation, but he was able to renegotiate with banks and come out of many of those situations “more successful than if nothing had went wrong.”

In other words, even when things look bleak, the Donald always wins. Check out the exchange below and see if you’re convinced.

The interview also talks in part about the Megyn Kelly feud and how Carly Fiorina, one of Trump’s rivals criticized him over his comments following the debate — known as “Bloodgate” when Trump said that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump dismissed Fiorina’s comments saying that she’s “having a lot of fun,” but then adding that she doesn’t want to talk about her time at Hewlett-Packard, “which was a disaster.”

Do you think George Stephanopoulos exposed any kinks in Trump’s armor? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of George Stephanopoulos via screen grab, linked above]

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