‘Even Uttering Josh’s Name Makes Me Want To Throw Up’: Duggar Friends Speak Out Against Family, Support Anna

The Duggar family needs their friends more than ever after it was revealed that their oldest son, Josh Duggar, has admitted to a pornography addiction and having two paid Ashley Madison accounts. However, it seems that at least some of the Duggar’s friends are not feeling all that giving towards the family after what they describe as a “trail of deceit and filth.”

Christian blogger Shannon from 5 Kids 6 Months notes that she knows the Duggar family and “wanted to believe a true change had happened since past sin.” However, after the latest realization that the oldest Duggar son, Josh, was seeking out extramarital affairs on the website Ashley Madison and is addicted to pornography, Shannon says her the whole ordeal has made her nauseous as her head spins from the disclosure by the family she wanted to believe the best in for so long.

Shannon, a mother of seven, notes that she realizes that loved ones have “no control” over other’s behavior or choices, but that we can only point them in the “right path.”

“We know that we have no control over our loved one’s behavior or choices. We can only point them to the right path, point them towards Christ and His Word.”

However, the Duggar family friend also says that Christians cannot “cover up evil.” She says she feels deceived by Josh Duggar’s behavior as he portrayed himself as something he was not and that his behavior and choices separated himself from Christ.

“But when they use Christ’s name with their mouth portraying themselves as one with us yet live with behavior and choices that separate themselves from us, how deceitful!”

Though Shannon had no kind words for Josh Duggar, she did say she would be praying for the Duggar family, especially Anna, during this time. However, she said she currently cannot muster the strength required to pray for Josh, as the mention of his name makes her want to vomit.

“We will be praying for the Duggar family and especially Anna. To be honest even uttering Josh’s name makes me want to throw up, I don’t think we can muster up any verbal prayers for him yet but when we do it will be for his salvation since the fruit on his tree is rotten.”

Shannon isn’t the only one admitting she was wrong about Josh Duggar. Conservative blogger Matt Walsh also recently posted about the scandal, noting that he was wrong about Josh and was “too easy” on the Duggar parents.

What do you think of Shannon’s response to the most recent Josh Duggar scandal? Does it surprise you that even the Duggar family’s friends cannot muster the strength to pray for Josh Duggar during this time?

[Image Credit: Facebook / 5 Kids 6 Months]