Are Dean-Charles Chapman And Nell Tiger Free Dating? [Photos]

Dean Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free play a brother and sister in the Game of Thrones fantasy world, but in real life, the "young and gorgeous" Dean-Charles and Nell may be "a real-life coupling!"

Chapman plays Tommen Baratheon, brother to Free's Myrcella Baratheon (previously played by Aimee Richardson), and the romance rumors first reported by BuzzFeed are starting to get a lot of attention. Buzzfeed commented that the possible real life relationship between the teenagers is "ironic," since their Game of Thrones mother "had a thing with her brother" in the show, and that theme comes up a lot, too.The rumors started with social media posts from Chapman, 17, and Free, 15. They've been tweeting to each other regularly lately, and sometimes posting snaps that show the two of them "cuddling up together" and looking like they're "up to things Tywin probably wouldn't approve of." Dean-Charles and Nell are both best friends with co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright, who thinks Chapman and Free are cute, and has posted his own rumor-fueling photos of them together.The three teenagers took a camping trip together recently, too, and had a lot of fun together. Nell tweeted to Dean-Charles about the night, saying it was hilarious, and involved a tent.There are "plethora of adorable tweets and sweet exchanges" between Dean-Charles and Nell over the last few weeks. In one, Nell told Dean-Charles that she missed him.On Saturday, Nell and Dean-Charles attended V Festival together, and Nell posted a photo of their arms romantically overlapping to show off their wrist bands.On August 19, Dean posted a photo to Instagram, of "Nell leaning into Dean's shoulder sweetly," and captioned the photo with an angel emoji and Nell's Instagram handle.
Later the same day, Nell responded by posting a photo of "the pair mysteriously flying somewhere together." The destination remains unknown.Way back in July, the most gasp-inducing post of all appeared on Nell's Twitter feed, when she tweeted a photo of Dean-Charles tying her shoes. "He loves me!" she said in the tweet.There are lots of Lannister jokes going the social media round, with comments and captions about keeping the family tradition going, and following in their parents' footsteps.In spite of the jokes, and Tywin's possible disapproval, it's clear that fans are in favor of a romance between the adorable teen twosome.What do you think? Are Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free dating?

[Image via HBO]