Jihadi John Is Back, And He Wants Your Head

The sadistic ISIS executioner known as Jihadi John has reappeared in a terrifying new video announcing that he plans to return to Britain to continue his massacring ways with the intent of beheading Britons.

Jihadi John is 27-year-old Kuwaiti born Mohammed Emwazi who used to live in London until he joined up to be part of the brutality that is ISIS. He became infamous as the man who appeared in ISIS propaganda videos slicing the heads off of captives, starting with American journalist James Foley, with the last being Kenji Goto of Japan.

He hadn’t been seen since his identity was revealed after the release of that final video. The belief was that once he was identified and everyone knew who he was, other ISIS fighters decided that Jihadi John was going to be next on the chopping block. It was speculated that he took off to Libya.

The Independent reports that this recent video, one minute and 17 seconds long, was shot on a cellphone and in it, Jihadi John shows his face for the first time. It also reveals that previous beliefs about his whereabouts were false.

Jihadi John declares in the video that he will return to the U.K., along with the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to kill those who aren’t Muslim.

“I am Mohammed Emwazi. I will soon go back to Britain with the Khalifa… We will kill the kuffar… I will carry on cutting heads.”

The grainy phone footage is believed to have been taken about two months ago in Deir Ezzor, Syria, according to The Times of Israel.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the video of Jihadi John was acquired by Syrian Free Army fighters. It was then passed along to a man named Abu Rashid who is stationed in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was turned over to Bulgarian police. The Daily Mail in the U.K. got a hold of part of the video and an audio excerpt, and has since passed it along to the Metropolitan Police in London and the Secret Service.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Jihadi John is one of the planet’s most wanted individuals. The former computer student from the University of Westminster, who was a football fanatic and S Club 7 listener as a child, now has a bounty of $9.4 million placed on his black clad head by the United States.

In a Daily Mail article from February 26, 2015, not long after it had been announced that Jihadi John was infact Mohamad Emwazi, it was reported that he had developed a disdain for Britain, according to two British trainee medics who met him Syria.

“When I mentioned the UK to him he had a scowl on his face. He had no intention of returning and never identified himself as British, he said Kuwaiti or Yemeni. His jihadi name was Abu Muharib al Yemeni. He had no link to Britain unless you asked him are you British and he would say, ‘Kind of. I lived there for a long time.'”

Jihadi John appears to have changed his mind and would now like to return to Britain, only this time his intent is quite sinister indeed.

[Photo from Daily Mail/Video Screenshot]

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