Talking Cat Hates Bath: Video Of Cat Saying ‘No More’ Gets 500,000 YouTube Views — Is It Real Or Fake? [Video]

While many users have seen the “Baby Loves Cat” YouTube video go viral, on Sunday, another YouTube cat video made the rounds. That video is titled “Cat says ‘no more’ during her bath!”

When the video title writer means the cat says “no more,” that YouTube user doesn’t mean just by her actions. Viewers of the video might be surprised to see the cat appear to verbalize the words “no more” during the sink bath — so much so that the video has grown to nearly 500,000 views since it was published on August 19.

Growing popular on the YouTube account of David Savage, the only uploaded YouTube video on the account as of this writing, the video makes experienced internet users wonder if it’s real or fake. Since the video has its comments disabled — sometimes a hallmark of fake videos, sometimes not — there aren’t a bunch of comments on YouTube screaming real or fake. The description is written in the first person as if the person who filmed the video or gave the bath wrote the description. In the video, it appears as if a woman is speaking to the cat, and that the cat is perhaps at a vet’s office or a pet spa getting her bath, because the silver tub is large.

On Twitter, folks are reacting to the video of the “No more” bath cat, because it’s the kind of video that makes users want to share it and get the opinions of others about whether it’s real or fake.

Can cats talk? Cats vocalize at about an octave higher than humans, says research reported via CBS Local, but whether they can mimic and speak actual words like heard in the “no more” video have yet to be verified. In the day and age of digital video editing experts, a vocal overdub of a human or child saying “no more” timed perfectly to a cat’s meowing might not be such a difficult feat.

The fact that YouTube users are becoming millionaires, as reported by the Washington Post, gives plenty of YouTube hopefuls reasons to want to experience the income that can come along with a viral YouTube video and channel.

As the 34-second “Cat says ‘no more’ during her bath!” YouTube videos rises up the list of 200 popular YouTube videos from position No. 28, possibly to the top of the list, more folks will likely Google around for more information about this talking feline — and whether the video is real or fake.

[Image via YouTube]

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