‘Baby Loves Cat’ YouTube Video Goes Viral On ‘TMZ’ – Mom Kaitlin Merkley Responds To Critics On ‘Daily Mail’ [Video]

If you need a smile, the so-called ‘Baby Loves Cat’ video that’s appearing everywhere from TMZ to the Daily Mail should fit the bill. In the video, a beautiful baby can be seen laying supine in her crib as her mother brings in the family cat for a visit. The baby gets all excited and flails her limbs within the type of sleep sack that moms and dads use in order to prevent babies from scratching themselves or getting all wrapped up blankets that could be harmful. The best part is the way the baby smiles at the cat as the mom carefully allows the cat to walk around for a few seconds in the crib. It’s delightful and adorable — and of course such a happy YouTube video has drawn its critics.

She’s incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around. The obsession grows every day.

Ps. That’s a sleep sack she’s in. Not a starfish outfit. Although I wish I were cool enough to dress my daughter in a starfish outfit.

On the Daily Mail, the baby’s mother has come out like a roaring lion, or tiger mom, or whatever cat-like analogy that could be used to defend her actions in the cute video.

This happened after Kaitlin Merkley, of Salt Lake City, read through some of the comments criticizing everything from allowing a cat in a baby’s crib to her choice of her baby’s sleepwear.

“Hello everyone. This is my video, that’s my baby, and I’m the mother in the video. I’ve gotta say, this video has been passed around the Internet, and the only really horrible comments are on this article. That makes me sad. My baby is almost a year and very capable of rolling over and has lots of room to move in her very large sleep sack. That is a mesh crib bumper, and baby is completely able to breathe through it. Cat and baby have grown up together and love each other very much. Cat can sometimes get annoyed, but she’s always very sweet, gentle, loving, and protective to our baby. The baby’s door is always shut when she sleeps and the cat is not allowed in there. This is a one-time thing. Cats don’t steal baby’s breath. If you don’t like cats, don’t watch videos about cats. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all :)”

As reported by the Inquisitr, another YouTube video going viral on Tuesday involves George Zimmerman and the owner of the “Muslim-free” gun supply store.

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