WWE News: WWE Has Reportedly Signed Major Japanese Female Star KANA To WWE Contract

At WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn last night, we saw one of the best wrestling shows in a long time. One of the double main events of the evening was the NXT Women’s Championship match between the champion Sasha Banks and No. 1 Contender Bayley. This match stole the show and was the best match of the night, according to most fans and experts. The crowd was hot all night, and this match saw the women bring down the house. It was bittersweet, however, as the NXT Horsewomen did a “curtain call” at the end of the match. It told us that we’d never get to see all four in NXT ever again.

It made us worried as NXT fans. Although we love NXT, could WWE keep up the great female wrestling without the likes of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks? While Bayley is still present, she is really the only one left who people can get behind, or so we thought.

You may have noticed last night that WWE turned the camera to some legends during the show. At one point, we saw them turn to Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, and Japanese female wrestler Kanna (aka Kana). For those that know who she is, we knew that WWE misspelled her name. Or maybe they didn’t.

According to a Japanese reporter by the name of Enuhito who has written several wrestling stories in Japan, Kanna may have signed a WWE contract recently. This is what the reporter claimed, translated to English.

“I am told that KANNA signed with WWE a few weeks ago. (I can’t say who he told me.) But I am not told that she appears on the show tonight.

“KANNA did not take WWE Tryout at Ryogoku Sumo Hall last month. She was checked beforehand.

“I am sure WWE will soon officially announce this contract. Good luck, KANNA!”

Kana Shimmer

Of course, as we saw during the show, Kanna did end up appearing in the crowd. This is clearly a huge signing. Of course, many are not sure of the report. We can be assured that Enuhito does know a good deal about Japanese wrestling and has reported on several pro-wrestling stories in Japan. So this is not the first big story this reporter has covered, but it is one that can be seen as a big deal for WWE fans.

WWE renamed her Kanna it seems, in order to keep her known to the public. Of course, this means they can own the name and market it and not have to pay her to use the name like they have to do with the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton, as it is their real name.

Kanna is known as “The Most Dangerous” due to her very stiff strikes and incredible submission ability. She has appeared in several Japanese promotions like Smash, JPW, Pro-Wrestling Wave, and DDT. She has also wrestled in the United States for places like SHIMMER and Chikara Pro. She is 33-years-old, so she is not much older than the likes of Charlotte or Natalya. She is also in terrific shape and can work at the same level or better than any female wrestler in the world.

Kanna has faced off with WWE Developmental Coach Sara Del Rey on numerous occasions, so if there is anyone people in WWE can ask about Kanna, it would be her. She very well could have made the call to bring her in, or WWE scouts simply felt she would be perfect. If she signed a deal a few weeks back, we very well could see Kanna on an NXT show relatively soon. WWE has not yet made an announcement on her signing, so we obviously have to wait for that to be done before we can hope to see her wrestle in WWE.

This is a huge signing for WWE and NXT alike. Kanna will probably end up being a huge addition, especially with the other NXT girls going up. The worry of quality going down won’t be present with Kanna there. Of course, the other Divas not named Bayley might have to step up before we can hope for WWE NXT to be as good in the female division as it always is.

[IMG Credits: Rajah.com, WWE Network]