Viral Fight Shows Adult Beating A Child, Indianapolis Public Schools And Police Looking For Suspect [Video]

A fight that broke out at an Indianapolis, Indiana public school is under investigation by the Indiana State Police and officials at Thomas D. Gregg Elementary School.

The suspects in the fight are not students at the elementary school. The video shows an older female beating down a younger female. It is possible that neither of the subjects is an adult and the older female may be a child from a neighboring Junior High or High School. Police encourage anyone with information to come forward and identify the individuals in the video.

According to WTHR Channel 13 News, the actual fight only lasted around a minute, but the violence unleashed on a young girl was brutal. The younger of the two females was thrown to the ground by her hair and punched multiple times, as well as kicked in the head. During the fight, the older woman, believed to be in her early 20s, yelled a slew of profanities as the helpless child could only take the beating.

The young girl did attempt to get away from the violent adult, but was quickly pulled back down after brief chase and the fight continued. From the video audio, it appeared the older woman was demanding the younger girl apologize to her sister. The girl did finally apologize for whatever she might have done previously. The older woman finally threatened to beat up the girl’s mother if she told anyone about the abuse, possibly unaware that the scenario was being recorded.

Despite the video’s viral cirulation, the footage may be disturbing to some readers.

The fight did not take place during a weekly school day, but is believed to have occurred on Saturday. Police and school officials are hoping security cameras will yield a clearer picture of the people in the images.

Indianapolis Metro Police Department Public Information Officer, Rafael Diaz, is hoping the identities are discovered soon. Still, he is aware that the case may not be open and shut and knows that the video is just the beginning of the research that will be conducted in the case, according to FOX 59.

“Just because we have that information out there, it is a start and it’s a good start for us. Our investigators, in any case are assigned, they need to start from the very beginning and then go from there,”

Although the fight did not take place during the school week, this is the second fight at the school in a week’s time. School officials and Indianapolis police are working together to make people aware such behavior will not be tolerated on school grounds, especially adult assaults on children.

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