Chael Sonnen Talks Earning Respect In Global Force Wrestling, Says He Isn’t Afraid To Get Physical

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen recently appeared on MLW Radio‘s Jim Cornette Experience podcast (Episode #90) and discussed his recent foray into the world of professional wrestling. As reported by MMA Mania, Sonnen signed with Global Force Wrestling earlier this year to provide analysis for the new promotion’s television tapings.

Sonnen acknowledged that he is a newcomer to the wrestling business and told Cornette that he didn’t exactly find it easy mixing with the wrestling talent backstage at Global Force Wrestling.

“These guys in the back … I’m back there like a kid in a candy store. I’m finally in the wrestling business. Jim, I’m as excited as I can be. You know, I went through at 38 years old what you got to at 16 years old and I’m finally on the other side of the curtain and I’m realizing these guys aren’t crazy — they’re not terribly happy that I’m there.”

Without naming names, Chael Sonnen also said that he finally got things out in the open by telling the wrestlers who had a problem with him that he can take care of himself in anyone tries to make trouble for him.

“They want to do these spots and they don’t know if they want to work with me and the crowd’s popping for me and not for them and I’m going, ‘Guys, I don’t have anything to break here but look, here’s the truth: If ol’ Chael goes off script, if I don’t follow the kayfabe, even the smart marks are going to know. I will put you down one, two three, Jeff Jarrett can edit it out later and he can fire me when I get in the back. But I’m not a worker, I’m a shooter and no matter which one of you guys crosses me, I will hold your shoulders down in front of this whole audience. So we’re all going to just have to keep each other honest here. I came here … to be a nice guy and friends with everybody but it hasn’t worked out that way.'”

As previously noted by Inquisitr, some rumors back in late July suggested that Sonnen’s run with Global Force Wrestling would be short-lived. In fact, it was widely reported that Chael would jump to WWE at some point in the future subsequent to an alleged meeting with Michael Cole. The UFC alumnus does not have a great history with WWE brass, though, as he once ran afoul of Triple H after he gave out Stephanie McMahon’s phone number on television.

On Cornette’s show, Sonnen discussed his work with Global Force Wrestling — including forthcoming TV tapings — with great enthusiasm and did not give any indication that he would be throwing in the towel anytime soon.

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