L.A. Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant Practices For First Time Since Surgery

L.A. Lakers rumors have Kobe Bryant back on the basketball court. These Lakers rumors are good for the team, as well as fantasy basketball owners hoping he makes a strong return. A report from CBS Sports late Saturday, August 22, states that the former NBA MVP had been ordered to stay off the court while his surgically repaired torn rotator cuff was healing. Now his doctors have given the “go ahead” to getting back into his offseason training regiment.

Bryant seemed really excited about the opportunity, especially with his recent comments about getting the Lakers back to the NBA Playoffs. There is a lot of work left in front of him as the veteran leader of this rebuilding team, but his personal first step is to get healthy enough for the regular season. While practicing on Saturday, he took to Instagram to post a photo and caption while wearing sunglasses.

“First day back on the court shooting! Bout damn time!! #shoulderrecovery #20thseason @drinkbodyarmor #Lakers.”

While quite a few L.A. Lakers stories from the offseason have been about the team trying to rebuild, this is going to come as great news for fans of Kobe Bryant. The five-time NBA champion is returning for his 20th season in 2015-16, and this might also turn out to be his final NBA season. Injuries limited Bryant to just 41 combined games over the last two years, with the Lakers reaching a low point in the 2014-15 NBA season. It netted the team a high lottery pick, though, so the future does have some light to it in Los Angeles.

When it comes to L.A. Lakers rumors about the postseason, most NBA analysts think that this team is talented enough to qualify. With the additions of D’Angelo Russell and Roy Hibbert, along with a healthy Julius Randle, the Lakers could be a tough team to beat again. While no NBA analyst is willing to state that the Lakers are championship contenders (yet), it’s clear that the team won’t be as easy to beat as it was last year. If Kobe Bryant comes back strong, especially after getting almost two years of full rest, it’s possible that the Lakers could really shock some opponents.

A lot of the stories coming out Los Angeles are certainly going to center around whether or not Bryant will retire following the 2015-16 NBA season. He could do so, and then play for Team USA in the next Olympics. A gold medal would certainly be a great way to walk away from the game. For now, L.A. Lakers rumors will focus on how Bryant is progressing through rehab, and the news has only been good so far. Fantasy basketball owners getting ready to draft will certainly want to pay close attention to his progress.

[Image Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]